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Hi. My name is Eunice Martin Lim. 
 You are probably reading this because you are curious of who I am and what I do.

I started up this blog as an avid food blogger who has a monstrous appetite for good food, but I slowed down because I realise Im growing too quickly, sideways.

Through food blogging, I’ve slowly branch out my interest to focusing more on the aesthetic beauty of food, through capturing the ‘yum factors’ of the particular food. Then I discovered Instagram, a platform for all photographers , amateur or professionals. There’s where I share most of my photos online.

My photos on instagram & blog are captured using my mobile phone and my DSLR Nikon d7100 & Nikon d800.  You can stalk me on Instagram : @EuniceEunny

Here in my blog, I share bits and pieces of my life through the lens of my camera.

For commercial projects, do reach out to me on the ‘Contact’ column. For collaborations, refer to the line above.
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