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Riverboat@ Plaza Danau Desa, Jalan Klang Lama


The best things in life sometimes don’t come wrapped in gold foil, but can come in the form of passionate and honest kitchens such as Riverboat. Nestled in a quaint but humble shop lot, Louis and his wife have been faithfully serving the Taman Danau Desa community authentic no-frills Thai food since year 2014. Riverboat prides itself in being the provider of fresh and tasty Thai food to their patrons. They firmly believe in quality and it’s no wonder they are a local favourite, so much so that they even have Thai customers coming in regularly for their food too.

As I sat down to wait for my food, Louis enlightened me on the operations of his restaurant on how he and his wife sourced for the freshest ingredients, experimented with local vegetables and their own sauces to complement their dishes. Before long, plates of food began to magically appear and boy, was I in for a feast!

First up I was treated to a plate of Grilled Pork Skewers (Moo Ping) and BBQ Pork Neck. Upon inspection, the meat was tender, juicy and grilled just right. All the juicy goodness of pork accompanied with the smokiness of charcoal locked the flavours all into each mouthful. 

Tod Man Goong

I was also served a tray of food that at first glance they reminded me of crab cakes
 but upon first bite, it was actually made from prawn and fish. I was told that everything is 100% made from scratch in the kitchen and isn’t something pre-made or artificial. You can literally taste the love in each mouthful!

Besides pork, Riverboat also has a delicious array of salads. Yes you heard me, salads. For today I was served one of their new creations - Prawn Seafood Salad which contains generous portions of prawns and squid. Riverboat's notable salads are also their Green Papaya Salad, Larb Salad, Glass Noodles Seafood Salad and a locally inspired Paku Salad. Next to the salad came their Choo Chee Seafood, which features a special yellow sauce. What was distinctly unique about these two dishes was the sauces that came with them. Concocted in the kitchen by Louis and his wife, you won’t be able to taste sauces like this elsewhere. 

They have a knack of using it to not only stimulate your tastebuds, but to also at the same time enhance the flavour of the vegetables and meat used without overpowering them. Both the prawns and squid used were exceptionally fresh especially the squid as my usual experience is restaurants overcook them until it becomes chewy, but at Riverboat, the squid is succulent and springy, making the eating process enjoyable and not frustrating.

If you’re a fish lover, make sure you place an order for this signature dish at Riverboat. It takes at least 30 minutes to be ready but its all worth the wait for this. I’m usually put off by the muddy flavour that comes with tilapia fish, but Louis assured me that their breed of tilapia (delivered fresh and alive daily to the restaurant) has a distinctly delicious taste to its flesh. 

Encased with salt and grilled to perfection, the fish came out tender and soft and all you need to do is to just slip a spoon underneath the bone and lift up all the bones at one go! 

To truly enjoy the dish in its full glory, I was taught to eat it the Thai way which is to make a cabbage-lettuce wrap using the vermicelli  provided and a dash of the trio of sauces provided. So if you're setting your eyes on this dish, make sure you call ahead so that they can prepare it earlier and have it ready when you arrive.

And oh, the muddy taste I was afraid of earlier? I didn’t even realise its absence as I was too busy tucking into the fish! 

Of course every Thai place must not miss out on its Tom Yum Gong. Mine came in the form of a red Tom Yom Yung Gong Seafood. As it was served in a claypot, I could slowly savour my tom yum without worrying that it would fizzle out in temperature throughout.

 Tangy and not overbearingly spicy, this dish is great for sharing if you are dining with friends and family as its stuffed full with seafood, certainly Louis doesn’t skimp on feeding his patrons at all! At Riverboat, they serve both red and clear tom yum so depending on your tastebuds, go for it! While attempting to inhale all this food, one can enjoy their meal with an array of drinks, I opted for a glass of lemongrass water. You can also choose for Thai Iced Milk Tea if that rocks your (river)boat. ;)

Claypot Glass Noodles With Prawns

 Something else arrived in a claypot as well, thinking it was Tom Yum I was instead pleasantly surprised to see dark sauce glass noodles. As the steam rose from the pot, the distinct scent of star anise assaulted my nose and I couldn’t help but salivate just a bit. 

Louis had to warn me to give it 2 minutes to simmer before I threw my chopsticks in and proceeded to wolf down admirable portions of the noodles that earned me a nod of approval from the owner. Inside the pot there were tiger prawns and herbs to create that dark and flavourful combination.
*highly recommended*

All in all, places like Riverboat are a gem that should be treasured. Their prices are affordable, quality of food is excellent and they are more focused on taste and authenticity of the cuisine they provide and take pride in making sure the needs of patrons are attended to. During lunch and dinner hours it can get pretty packed so make sure you call ahead and place a reservation. My advice is to come with an empty stomach together with a company of good friends or family members who have good appetites and eat to your heart’s content!

23, Plaza Danau Desa 2,
Jalan 3 / 109F, Off Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.

012-9302839 / 011-26292779

Business Hour: 11.30 am-10:00pm

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  1. Yumz~ I on for affordable Thai food! :D

    1. Eh, no joke, this place serves darn good thai food.
      Not like other overhyped thai resturants... The bbq fish is the bomb man! ;D
      bring Yin here!! Or can jio me also.


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