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Mooncake@ Chynna, Hilton Kuala Lumpur 2017


Chynna is celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with handcrafted gourmet mooncakes. The snow skin lotus paste and salted egg yolk mooncake delivers a delicate & experimental flavours, while the baked lotus paste and salted egg yolk are the best pick for those who would like a traditional taste of our culture.

The non-baked, snowskin mooncake is has a delicate 'skin' which is made with glutinous flour encasing the filling. This year, Hilton has spur to a greater height with an incredible variety of flavours and ingredients. Think cream cheese, roselle, and our very local favourite- Musang King Durian.

For mooncake diehards, there's traditional baked ones, with a nicely browned, glossy pastry too. Hilton has mooncakes options for all walks of life- For the health conscious glutton, you can opt for the low sugar plain lotus pastes; and for the epicure who has a stronger gums can opt for the crunchy five nuts mooncake. 

My all time favourite would be the Snow Skin Heavenly Gold (yellow), which is the durian flavour. 
Extremely pungent, strong and oh-so addictive. Our tables couldn't help but shamelessly asked for a second helping.
My second favourite would be the Snow Skin Roselle Ruby (2017 Signature) in red, which tasted pleasantly tangy, I couldn't help but savour each mouthful with delights, thanks to the scantily spread out choco puffs which gives a diff texture to the lotus paste. 
Next I had the Snow Skin Blue Moon, you can find cream cheese encased inside the handsomely bright blue colour pastry, with a touch of blueberry jam in the centre, not just pleasant to look at, the taste was on par with other mooncakes in the snow skin range too. For the least adventurous mooncake eater, try the Snow Skin Flower Drum in purple.
In my humble opinion, all four flavours were remarkably scrumptious, not the typical achingly sweet mooncake that you can find in the market. 

Take home this elegantly designed crimson mooncake box, when you purchase 4 mooncakes from these 10 available flavors. Price range RM140nett - RM240nett* 
Snowskin series
- Snow Skin Roselle Ruby (2017 Signature)
- Snow Skin Heavenly Gold - (Top Seller)
- Snow Skin Blue Moon
- Snow Skin Flower Drum 

Traditional Baked Mooncake Series

- Traditional-style Baked with Five Nuts
- Baked White Lotus Paste
- Baked Lotus Paste with Single Yolk
- Baked Pandan Paste with Single Yolk
- Baked Red Bean Paste with Almond Flake
- Baked White Lotus Paste with Single Yoke

For that extra important loved one, friend or client, The Limited Edition Premium Luxury Black Box of 4* - priced at RM288nett,makes a truly exquisite gift for the occasion. This collectable piece, fashioned to impress, features stitched leather encrusted with hand placed crystals and a leather tassle. Each purchase includes a RM150 voucher for dine in at Chynna applicable with a minimum spend of RM300.
Available for purchase at the hotel lobby from now till 8 October 2017
Download the Price List & Order Form :
For further enquiries, please call +603 2264 2593 or email
*Terms & Conditions apply.

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