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Food x Art Appreciation Luncheon at Five Sen5es, Westin KL.


Food x Art Pairing
Special Menu
1 - 31 AUGUST 2017

Five Sen5es of The Westin Kuala Lumpur, PIN Prestige and Art WeMe brought hands together to present a
food X art campaign with adorable and meaningful art installation by sculpture artist Ms. Liao Ying Hsi (廖迎晰). The art-complementing culinary experience was served up to and appreciated by the city’s elites in Kuala Lumpur.
Hailing from Taiwan, Ms. Liao’s lovely sculptures dubbed Mi Bao – Go (米寶向前衝) were made to spread optimism to those facing food shortages as well as bringing us back to the origin of the vastly sophisticated food scene we have in the modern world.. Inspired by her work, Head Chef Tan Tzaan Liing from Five Sen5es designed a curated 6-course luncheon themed around seeds — a symbol of how something small can bring immense hope.
Photo credits to: PIN PRESTIGE

Photo credits to: PIN PRESTIGE

Photo credits to: PIN PRESTIGE

The main featured sculpture of the displayed art pieces named “Mi Bao” at 108 cm in height, was prominently showcased at the center of Five Sen5es. “Mi Bao” represented a single paddy, conveying the message of seeding love from the roots of our eco-system. “Mi Bao – Go” presented in a human figure along with a set of wings posed as a lively and vivid runner, ready to move forward and bringing hope for continuation of life.

Multiple award-winning artist, Ms. Liao, as an extremely creative and visionary artist, walks a pathway which is so sensitive and aware of the surrounding environment, and all the different possibilities and opportunities that it can provide her in order to best improve the quality of her Art, not only technically but conceptually as well.

羊肚菌菜胆炖鸭汤 RM36
Doubled Boiled Duck Soup with Morel,
Baby Cabbage and Dry Scallop
Portion size: 1 person

茄汁煎大虾 RM45
Pan Fried King Prawn with Sun Dried
Tomato Sauce
Portion size: 1 - 2 persons

蒜辣童子鸡 RM38
Roast Spring Chicken with Garlic and
Spicy Powder
Portion size: 1 - 2 persons

海鲜樱花虾焗饭 RM46
Baked Seafood Rice with Sakura Ebi
Portion size: 1 - 2 persons

榴莲千丝卷 RM15
Deep Fried Durian Kataifi

Guests attending the luncheon were served with a curated 6-course menu designed to the theme of “Beans with Wings”. Each dish featured a set of legumes complimenting the main ingredients. At the first seating, dining guests warmed their palette with an appetizer combining Fried Banana Salmon Roll, Cherry Tomatoes Marinated with Sour Plum and Crispy Lychee Scallop Dumpling topped with Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Pistachio and Macadamia. Dishes that followed are as inspiring, to name a few were the warming Doubled Boiled Duck Soup with Morel, Baby Cabbage and Dry Scallop with Black Beans and Black-Eyed Peas, Pan Fried King Prawn with Sun Dry Tomatoes Sauce along Chickpeas and Soya Beans and Baked Seafood Rice with Sakura Ebi and Chestnuts. The well-thought of meal was then sealed with a Duet of Black Sesame Cream with Toufu Curd and Deep Fried Durian Kataifi.
As guests journeyed through the courses, they were seen admiring the art sculptures displayed around the restaurant.

The special menu is also available for order as a la carte dishes in Five Sen5es from 01 August to 31 August 2017. Inquiry can be made by calling +603 2773 8338.
For more info about MiBao check out the video : here

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