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EPIC: The Real Food Delivery Expert.

Attempting to recreate Melbourne’s extensive food landscape, Epic Fit Meals has been in the scene since 2014 and today is still going strong in being an expert in delivering tasty and healthy meals to regular patrons residing in the areas of Damansara Perdana, Sunway and Mont Kiara.

With a name like Epic Fit Meals one might imagine health junkies and body-builders swarming the place with cold-pressed juices and the like. Think again though. Upon arrival, as the shutters finally opened for another day of business I saw office workers and college students already waiting to enter and place their orders. It was very impressive indeed to sit and observe the consistent traffic of customers going in and out of the restaurant. Food is prepared to order, so don’t expect to find any pre-made, pre-mixed food lying around. Everything is fresh and made from scratch at Epic. 

Being a fried chicken fanatic, I was wondering how their Epic Fire Chicken Schnitzel would fare since it was breaded, oven-baked chicken. Yes, Epic has NO fried food!

 I was bracing myself for dry chicken breast meat but instead was greeted with a soft and moist mouthful of well-seasoned chicken. Who would know oven-baked chicken could taste so good? Epic chicken comes with an array of Epic sauces to choose from - Country Gravy, Eziki, Oz’s Barbie-Q, Bonza Peppa, Apple Salsa, Curry Grande and Fire S.O.S. 

My favourite is the Fire S.O.S. which is a combination of fragrant and sweet-spicy Sambal, a true Malaysian sauce. If you have a taste for things on the sour and creamy side, try the Eziki for that kick of Greek Tzatziki in it. 

                      Featuring a traditional Irish version of mash potatoes, Epic’s Irish Colcannon is hand-mashed daily in the kitchen. No powdered mash potatoes pre-mix, no sir! Combined with leek and cabbage, the mash potatoes is a mouth of flavours and texture all packed into one serving. Finally eating potatoes seems like a lesser sin compared to my usual french fries!

Epic does an epic amount of research, and one of them revolves around the debate of who made the better fish burger through their Fishy Chummy. Hoping to rival a certain known brand of fast food, I have to say Epic wins hands down because their fish burger comes with layers of fresh lettuce and giant chunks of tomatoes, tasty cheese and their home-made tartare sauce. Sandwiched amongst all that goodness is the fish patty that actually feels like you’re eating a fish rather than a cardboard-version of deep fried mush. 

Lastly, I had a go at their 3A Pizza: The Apple, Ayam & Api Pizza which is a chicken pizza with sambal sauce topped with caramelised apples to slow down that heat in your mouth. Usually one would get really oily fingers after a round of pizza, but Epic’s pizza was still pretty easy in the oil department. Before you scream about calories, Epic uses only Canola or Olive oil for their cooking and NO MSG at all, something you can hardly find in delivery-style food. I usually feel guilty after fast-food but this, I was tempted to eat more!

You can sense an extremely positive vibe going on at the back of the kitchen that it pours out onto the front counter. Epic is a Malaysian company that values its manpower and hard work never goes unnoticed or unrewarded. That’s why you can see everyone is on their feet serving customers and Epic is proud to keep to their word that they deliver within 45 minutes or less to their surrounding areas and indeed within 20 minutes I witnessed two deliveries completed by one same rider! Sounds like they could give some local pizza businesses a good run for their money, eh?

It doesn’t take rocket science to keep your customers, quips Wick Kee, one of the founders of Epic, who strongly believes its all about the people. Epic works closely with their customers and makes the effort to build a relationship with regulars because that’s where the best feedback comes from. Epic is constantly on its feet adjusting and improving their recipes and is in the midst of planning their expansion and introducing new items to their menu too. Prices at Epic are affordable as well, holding true to its aim to provide patrons with good food, to build healthy eating habits with reasonable pricing. 

Epic’s philosophy of refusing to cut corners in providing customers with great tasting food is admirable indeed in this day and age of the food and beverage industry in Malaysia. So often we hear how great outlets do well in their first year and later discover the recipes get watered down for “cost effectiveness” and “maximum profit”, but not at Epic. They hold true to their beginnings and seem bent on continuing this legacy of healthy, tasty and affordable food. 

Here’s to more epic days to come, Epic!

Drop by their easy-to-access at for their latest menu & start your epic eating journey!

Epic Fit Meals Co.


1) Damansara:

E105, Block E,
East Wing, Metropolitan Square,
Jalan PJU 8/1,
Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tel: 0377333375

2) Sunway: 

22, Jalan PJS 11/7, 
Bandar Sunway, 
46500 Subang Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: 0356119988

3) Mont Kiara: 

G-3A, Mont Kiara Meridin, 

Jalan Duta Kiara, Mont Kiara, 

50480 Kuala Lumpur.Tel : 0362117733


Hotline: 0179380000

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  1. Epic fit meals is near my ex-company... i probably had tried them out once only. Not bad for the price and it's healthy but other than the fried chicken, the rest has too many carbs! :(

    1. Oh, you mean Dsara perdana a? Eh btw no fried chicken la. All oven baked wan!
      Anyway, it's a value for money meal la. ;D me thinks.


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