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Tut's Egyptian Eatery @ 1 Utama, Bandar Utama


When we received the invitation to visit Tuts Egyptian Eatery at 1 Utama, I didn’t think much of it. At the back of my head I went like, oh boy another Middle Eastern eatery, images of lamb, pita bread and hummus popped up. Little did we know the spread that was about to be set by us. 

Upon reaching the signature colours of the Egyptian flag - Red, yellow and black - greeted us, along with the friendly Mr. Zain, who immediately impressed us with his warm demeanour. He proceeded to give us a simple yet informative background of the establishment on how the recipes were purely Egyptian, and how a local poll was done to see how well received Egyptian food would be to the foodies that we Malaysians are. Surprisingly, many of our fellow Malaysians (including ourselves) were quite clueless to what Egyptian food was really like! I enjoy an eatery that spends time introducing not just food, but also culture to its patrons.

Along with our cutlery came sheets of paper with interesting information about King Tutankhamnun or fondly known as King Tut, one of Egypts most famous pharaohs. Parents if you’re worried how to keep your kids occupied, make sure you bring along their colour pencils as you can flip over the paper and voila a full page for them to hone their inner Van Gogh. 

Whilst waiting for our Egyptian feast, Zain explained to us that all the food on the menu was going to be authentic Egyptian cuisine and assured us that what we eat here, would be something that you could find in the land of the pyramids as well. 

From the soup to the main courses right up until the drinks, we were told to gear ourselves for an Egyptian adventure. So when the food came, we were nothing short of being amazed by the feast set before us. Eunice, being the self-proclaimed “Soup Queen” immediately made a beeline for the starter, the Molokhia Minced Leaf Stew. 

We were told that the leaves came direct from Egypt itself as they do not grow in this region of the world. The leaves might strike you initially as mint leaves, but upon tasting they leaned towards a more spinachy kind of taste. The minced and chopped Molokhia leaves are cooked into an aromatic stew containing butter, garlic, and spices such as coriander, cumin and black pepper. Eunice gave this a thumbs up as she was tucking into it with gusto. 

Next came the mains and we started with the the Koshari Mixed Grain Bowl and this is as close to a rice version of Malaysia’s ABC soup mix in that sense. Rice, chickpeas, lentils, pasta, friend onions and spices all in one rice bowl!

So this appears to be a common man’s bowl of food in the olden days of Egypt. Each ingredient boasts of the different cultures that existed back in the day of trade with the land of Egypt - chickpeas from India, pasta possibly from trade relations with Italy.

 This dish is served with tomato sauce, giving the whole dish an interesting spoonful of flavour and texture every time you take a bite. Also, I love how generous they are with their fried shallot. 

I might rave bit more for this next beauty, though its not half as colourful as the previous dish, it certainly makes up with its delicious taste and satisfying crunch as you bite into it!

 Ladies and gents, I present to you the Hawaoshi Baked Meat Foldover! Served in either beef of lamb, all meat lovers will definitely love this succulent foldover containing Tut’s signature seasoning. 
The meat is wrapped lovingly into a baked bread fold and served with Tahini dipping sauce. The moment I sunk my teeth and heard that crunch, I knew I was in foldover heaven! The meat was seasoned well, not dry and was for some reason addictive. If not for the other foods around me, I would have been more than happy to finish all four slices by myself (ok, so I had three). 

The final main was the Herbal Hot Plate Chicken with Baked Rice. Again the name might sound very Asian, but bear in mind Egyptian herbs people! So we had this huge portion of a chicken served sizzling hot with a side of mixed vegetables and baked rice. We loved the chicken as it wasn’t served dry and you could definitely taste the array of herbs that the chicken had been marinated in.

 The rice wasn’t overly starchy and was just soft and flavoured yet again with Tut’s secret herbs. To top of all these dishes we were given sides of Tut’s Dynasty Fries and Royal Rice. 

 OMG the seasoning for the fries!!!! We will leave that description alone for the fries just to keep you guessing and going for them yourself! The best part of all the mains is that Tut’s understands the Malaysian stomach. 
We crave for our sauces and a little bit of extra goes a long, long way.  That’s why they've developed five flavours and made them complimentary with all their dishes. Unlimited sauce is provided by Tut’s and we couldn’t get enough of it! We highly recommend the TUT’s Nutty Sauce, but if you’re into others as well then check out their TUT’s Cheesy Sauce, Smoky BBQ Dip, Tahini Sesame Dip and Chilli Sauce too. 

Tucking into such an enormous fare would require some drinks and we were served some of their signature creations - Sobya Milk , Egyptian Lemon Mint, Mango Berry.
The Sobya Milk was surprisingly a light drink even though it looked milky. I love how the sweetness and coconut aroma were married into a lingering aftertaste and wasn’t overly pungent. 

The Egyptian Lemon Mint is probably a great drink to refresh yourself. With the current heat situation going on in Klang Valley, a drink like this would be a lifesaver! 

When dessert comes in a trio, you know you’re up for a grand finale. 

The Roz B Laban Creamy Delight is essentially baked rice on the bottom topped with sweet milk and vanilla on top with good portions of mixed fruit to go with it, sort of an Egyptian rice pudding. It is indeed a creamy delight and I’m a happy camper with this! 

We next had the Nutty Nile Nougat (say it real fast 50 times). Ice cream with chocolate topped with crunchy almonds and nougat in the centre not to mention a sprinkling of pistachio powder will make you nutty for more. 

Last but not least would be the OM Ali Bread Pudding. I love this because this traditional Egyptian pudding is soft, warm whilst the crust and the sides are baked to crisp perfection without being burnt. Tut’s makes this even more delicious by topping it off with two scoops of ice cream to create a dessert that is both warm and cold in one mouthful. Choose between Sangkaya’s coconut or Gula Melaka flavored ice cream to complete this orgasmic journey. All in all, you can tell the food is quality controlled and cooked with passion and pride. 

Knowing that I could come to a place where I could enjoy dishes and at the same time have the opportunity to learn about a different culture is an experience I would definitely recommend to others who have yet to experience Egyptian cuisine.

Tut's Egyption Eatery

LG333A New Wing 1 Utama
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. 

(Across Kluang Station)

Tel: 03-7688 4597


Words by : Cathering Ong (instagram: @john3sixteen)

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