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A Pink Date with Innisfree


Last month I was invited to Innisfree's pink date event whereby they introduced their newest edition, the No-Sebum Correcting Cushion and I am falling head over heels with it together with their My Cushion Pink Edition limited cases.

Aren't this design gorgeous?

Innisfree's No-Sebum Correcting Cushion SPF34 PA++ has three shades to choose from [ peach, lavender & green ], they act as a colour corrector for your skin tone:-

Lavender - neutralises yellow tones
Green - neutralises redness
Peach - helps to balance out slight discolouration

They also other range such as eye shadow, eye liner, blusher etc. Do drop by any of their outlet to check out more!

The No-Sebum Correcting Cushion is priced at RM52/14g .
It's the latest addition to the My Cushion line. 

The latest correcting cushion has these 3 Key benefits:

Fresh & soft skin

- Sebum control powder controls sebum secretion while locking moisture in your face. 

Tone up effect

- Volcanic Scoria Powder contains natural mineral pigment for a natural glow. 

Colour Correction

- Say goodbye to dull, red, and yellow skin, and hello to clear, radiant skin. 

Thank you for having me on such a lovely pink date last Wednesday.
I've never felt so much love from a beauty brand before! 

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