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OLOIYA - Everyone Loves Gift


Like the name of the campaign, OLOIYA’s “Everyone Loves Gift” was curated based on the culture and concept of people who loves to give and be gifted. Be it a token of respect or gratitude, the act of giving makes a comprehensive “Gift”. 

During the press launch, the team prepared confectionery such as candies, cookies, peanuts, chinese tea, dried meat for their guest to enjoy the “Yum Cha” session while Lynn & Raymond was sharing some infos about OLOIYA's background and their packaging direction this year. 

  The articulate Lynn was the host for the event that day.

Executive Director, Raymond Khue was giving an introduction to 2017 OLOIYA's Campaign  “Everyone Loves Gift”

During Raymond's explanation on the Brand's identity, he also mentioned that the theme/ packaging direction for OLOIYA this year is all about premium gifting as they have put a lot of effort on the packaging gift box ( you'll understand that it's all worthwhile once you get a glimpse of the gift box below this post). 

This year they've decided to fully absorb the cost of printing, and there's no increment of price this year, it's all about the spirit of giving back to their loyal customers. 

After all the detailed introduction, the team prepared Lou Sang (aka YeeSang ) for all the medias to toss our way to prosperity! It was no surprise that Chicken Dried Meat (aka ba-kwa) & Meat Floss were part of ingredients.

The founder (far left) - Mr Khue & family tossing their way to abundance and prosperity. 

Oloiya's packaging this year is designed with a retro New Year patterns, the logo of OLOIYA coincides with the Chinese zodiac this year, which are both roosters, hence I think the packaging speaks volumes. 

Besides the bakwa (dried meat), other series of their premium gifts, which include the retro Chinese calendar, ang pau and playing cards, was designed with a touch of the brand's charisma. 
Don't you think that OLOIYA is the perfect gift for this coming Chinese New Year?

Even the Ang paus are creatively designed which can be folded into an origami chicken. 

Can't express how impressed I am to see this. 
They even thought of including a packet of tissue paper just in case your lips are covered with an alluring sheen after savouring their bakwa

A retro design of auspicious elements, a prosperous golden gift box and a true embodiment of the festive spirit, it is no wonder why this makes my preferred gifting choice this Chinese New Year.
You can also conveniently purchase these pretty gift box with just one click away! Visit their website for more info!

This year Oloiya’s “Everyone Loves Gift” is the preferred choice of gifting.

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