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Westin Hotels & Resorts unveils Bespoke Illustrations by Johanna Basford in Asia Pacific.


Three Specially Designed Adult Coloring Sheets Are Now Available at Westin Hotels and Resorts across Asia Pacific Till End February 2017

Westin Hotels & Resorts has recently announced the launch of three bespoke adult coloring sheets created by celebrated illustrator Johanna Basford, who spearheaded the worldwide adult-coloring phenomenon with the debut of her bestselling book, Secret Garden, in 2013. Available exclusively at close to 50 Westin hotels and resorts across Asia Pacific, the drawings are inspired by Westin Hotels and reinforce the brand’s Feel Well pillar, helping guests to relax and unwind on the road. 

“I am very happy to collaborate with Westin and contribute to its holistic well-being experience, highlighting the unique and thoughtful touches that are part of the brand’s well-being pillars,” said Johanna Basford. “Coloring is a therapeutic exercise that has been proven to promote mindfulness and relaxation, and I hope to make each guest’s stay in Westin hotels across Asia Pacific a little more inspirational and happy through this collaboration.”

The Westin KL also invited Haze Long- professional Speed Painter
to share a little bit insight of how art has helped her to overcome her anxiety and stress. 

She also stated that art can helped one to express their feelings and all these forms of expression will help foster health, be it emotionally or physically. 

Yen translating her joy to the printed illustration through colour pencils. 

As part of the second phase of the partnership since the kick-off in September 2016, the design narrative of the bespoke sheets centers on the theme of wellness and the holistic nature of Westin’s signature programs. 

The first coloring sheet depicts a heart-shaped image, focusing on the importance of sleeping well. It features elegant sprigs of lavender along with cups of chamomile tea and bowls of berries and yogurt from the Westin Sleep Well menu – all to promote a good night’s sleep.

The second sheet reflects the Westin brand’s signature botanical style of lush vertical gardens with exotic flowers, leafy foliage and dancing butterflies. An array of fruits as well as glasses of fresh juice from Westin Fresh by the Juicery are embedded in the illustration, which speak to the Westin brand’s SuperFoodsRX™ ingredients and dishes for that extra boost needed on the road. 

Inspired by the intrepid globetrotter, the third illustration offers a charming myriad of digital gadgets, maps and other travel essentials to convey the Westin approach of staying fit and invigorated on the road. Basford specifically included images of running shoes from the Westin Gear Lending Program – where guests can borrow New Balance shoes and clothing for just USD$5 or a local equivalent so that they can pack light whilst at the same time maintain their fitness regime on their travels. Additionally, the sheet pays homage to travel as an adventure that transcends land and sea, with airplanes and scuba diving fins comprising the core of the design. 

“We’ve been getting positive responses since the September partnership announcement and are now even more excited to introduce these three bespoke designs by Johanna Basford, only available at Westin properties across Asia Pacific,” said Nelli Yong, Vice President, Brand Management, Marriott International Asia Pacific. “Westin in an industry innovator in terms of wellness, and we believe that thoughtful touches go a long way, allowing guests to feel better and be at their best. Colouring promotes mindfulness and is one way in which guests can relax, while offering an outlet for their creativity.” 

Westin properties in the Asia Pacific region are running various activities to support the initiative. At The Westin Kuala Lumpur, guests and visitors can let out of their creativity at a coloring counter built at the Lower Lobby while waiting for an appointment, taking a break or simply wanting to be inspired. 

Westin is dedicated to travellers’ well-being before, during and after their stay delivered through programs designed to help guests achieve well-being around six pillars: Eat Well, Sleep Well, Move Well, Play Well, Work Well and Feel Well. With close to 50 Westin hotels and resorts across Asia Pacific and more than 30 the pipeline, the Westin brand is gaining increasing momentum and reinforcing its position as a leader in wellness and hospitality. 

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