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Jamaica Blue@ Setia Alam City Mall, Shah Alam


December, my favourite month of the year because you know why.  It's also the season to celebrate the beauty of great food!
Speaking of food, Jamaica Blue Malaysia is launching their latest offering of their very own signature Harvest Collection which revolves around the theme of healthy eating. 

Clean eating is the major trend now especially coming to the year end festive season. People nowadays are very health conscious, they want foods which are packed with flavours, being able to satiate their appetite, filling and at the same time it won't add extra pounds on them. 

Jamaica Blue has taken delicious natural ingredients and created nutritionally balanced recipes with are low in calories and profound in flavour. 

The new signature harvest menu offers three breakfast items and two lunch items.

The breakfast options consist of sweet and a savoury bowl - sweet with the Super Fruit Bowl complete with strawberries and banana, while the savory option is the Vitality Bowl of quinoa, tomato and egg. The third is a dairy-free smoothie made from coconut water, almond milk and blueberries. At lunchtime the two offerings are the Zucchini Garden Salad and Enrichment Bowl of pumpkin, corn, egg, feta and cabbage. 


Coconut Berry Smoothie (RM 15.20)
A nourishing dairy free smoothie made with coconut water and blueberries. 

This is my favourite dish that night. Each sip is packed with antioxidant, 
a good source of fibre and all the essential nutrients!
 This refreshing smoothie is sweetened with banana and honey, then topped with coconut flakes and mint.It was remarkably refreshing and rejuvenating

Super Fruit bowl (RM19.90)

A nutrient rich fruit bowl with sweet chia seed base. 
This dish is high in protein, and excellent source of fibre and high in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium for healthy bones and teeth. 
A very filling dish I must say, if you enjoy the glutinous texture of chia seed, you will definitely love this.  A great dish to order to kick start your day. 

Vitality Bowl (RM19.90)
A delicious high protein, nutrient rich meal with mixture of creamy sundried tomatoes and quinoa. 
This wheat free vegetarian dish is also high in vitamin A and B as well as iron and zinc. 

If you're on a low fat diet, you should definitely opt for this.

Croque Madame (New Menu- RM20.50) 
Classic french cheese and turkey slice on toasted sandwich. Served with rocket and poached egg. 

Zucchini Garden Salad(RM19.90)

A vegetarian salad high in protein, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium - essential nutrients for bone and muscle strength. 
This dish is also high in iron and one serve provides more than 100% of your daily needs for vit C. 

Enrichment bowl (RM19.90) 
A nourishing vegetable-rich bowl with Tahini yoghurt base. 
This wheat free vegetarian dish is high in protein and an excellent source of fibre. 

Look at the colour! How delightful isn't it?
I think this dish is quite therapeutic just by looking at it. It soothes not just the body but also the soul. 

Chicken Pesto & Sundried Tomato Flatbread RM20.90

If you're a carb person, you can opt for their sandwiches. 
Made with shredded roasted Chicken, pesto & mayonnaise with sundried tomatoes. 

Antipasti Wrap RM19.90

Roasted Capsicum. Eggplant with pesto, cheese & lettuce.

Best grab-and-go food on the menu. 
If you want a quick & fuss-free meal, this is the one to order!
I personally love the wrap as it was packed with punch flavours from the eggplant, cheese and roasted capsicum. 

Caramelised Orange & Almond Cake RM8.90
Carrot Cake RM7.90

To satisfy customers who has sweet tooth, Jaimaca Blue also offers cakes for you to indulge on your cheat days too. 
Guess you should have an idea of where to eat when you're craving for healthy food.

Jamaica Blue Fine Coffees
 LG.12, Setia City Mall, 
Persiaran Setia Dagang, 
Setia Alam, 
40170 Selangor.

Photo credits to : Faiz

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