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Celebrate Christmas 2016 with Komugi Christmas Specials

Komugi- a Japanese derived bakery specially prepares a range of delectable Christmas treats to surprise and tantalise your tastebuds.

As always, the key secret of Komugi's delicious Christmas items is the hard work from the dedicated team of experienced and passionate chefs behind the scenes This year, Komugi has one of the widest range of Christmas items.

I feel so honored to have a hamper delivered to my place from the Komugi Team last week. It was full of cakes and breads. Pastries that got me weak on my knees. :')

Love the little personalised card that comes with it too. 
Little message and thoughts like this always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, thank you Ann Lee & the Komugi team!

Classic Japanese Cranberry scone which is made with premium cranberry and vanilla extract. Love the scones as it's incredibly crumbly and buttery. I still have weakness for scones :P

8cm Baum - Sandwiched between each layer is Japanese premium white sesame oil. 

The Baum cake was soft yet it holds firmly after cutting it. 
I think the best combination to go with this is local dark kopi O, kaw!

Cheese & Onion Loaf filled with cheese, onions and smoked chicken bits.
I had this as breakfast the morning after, and I was surprised that such ordinary looking bread could taste good too. 

Bread was fluffy and not too dense, generously topped with chopped onions & cheese, 
each mouthful begets another. 

Also, I had the
White Christmas cake, which is Komugi's cranberry walnut chocolate cake made with dark chocolate filled with dried cranberries and walnuts, covered with royal icing and a dusting of powdered sugar.

I am shame of myself because I always assume cakes like these will not hold a place in my heart but I was wrong. The cake wasn't too sweet at all! I can tell that they use premium dark chocolate and a generous portion of nuts in it. Definitely something I would buy next time if I step into the bakery and I highly recommend this cake. <3

Once again, thank you for the pre-Christmas gift, Komugi! 


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