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Founded by Juliana Omar, Bisque started its business on 1st August 2013. Inspired and learning the basics of baking from her mom – once a baking teacher who has created and compiled her own recipes. Prior to her graduation, Juliana started experimenting her own flavours and which then kickstarted her to enter the world of entrepreneurship. Her goal is to explore the endless possibilities and delicate combinations of the desserts world, served to you as an art piece.

Bisque is currently owned by Juliana and her younger brother Hakim, together with a Creative Team of talented young Food-preneurs, the bond that builds truly reflects our passion in baking quality cakes. An emphasis on only the richest ingredients ensures our cakes are of the highest quality.

Apart from their wide range of Classic Cakes, they also do customization according to your needs and
preference which falls under the Wildcard; under their bespoke made-to-order cakes category. 
Be it a wedding, birthday party or anniversary, their passionate and imaginative team will make magic. 
They live by the mantra ''Your idea, our masterpiece.''

Bisque cakes come in 7” or 9” sizes and in different flavours including classics like Red Velvet and Valrhona Chocolate Couture, as well as Classy Carrot Cake, Posh Peanut Butter, Butterscotch Bliss and Opulent Ocha.

I tried the Opulent Ocha from the classic range and 
I must say this is one of the best Matcha Green Tea cake that I've ever tasted. My family and I enjoyed this thoroughly thought we are not so much of a cake person. 

The sponge base was not too sweet and it has a hint of matcha fragrance to it. 
The buttercream was perfumed with green tea scent without being too cloying. 
We really enjoyed popping the little rock-like chocolates into our mouth too. It's not too extravagant, but definitely something I would want to have for a special occasion.

I've also tried the Raspberry Cheese Tart which is new on the Bisque Treats selections.

I can't stress on how much I adore these cheese tarts. 
It's not just too pretty to look at, it taste just as marvellous as it look too. 

Indulging these calorific babies are like a romance that feels just right. Not too cheesy, or overwhelmingly, ingratiatingly sweet. 
Life is great, cheese makes it better.

My brother was telling me that this could be perfect if the crust could be thinner but I personally have no complains at all! I love the crust as it is ! Thick, crumbly and buttery, each mouthful begets another. 
You could just accidentally devoured half the tart in a day! 

Bake To Play is currently operating from e-commerce for personal and corporate cake orders, to dessert
supply for small and medium enterprises. 

Now cake lovers can browse through Bisque's wide range of cakes and even customize them with a single click of a button!
For more info, visit !

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