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Goodness Greens by La Juiceria@ TTDI


Just in case you're around Taman Tun area and you feel like having a hearty and healthy breakfast and you have no idea on what to eat, Goodness Greens is the answer to your dilemma. 

Goodness Greens Cafe by La Juiceria has recently came out with a new Breakfast Menu (Full menu is at the bottom of this post), apart from their soup, salad, pastas & their famous Açai Berry Bowl, now they're serving protein loaded breakfast too!

I visited this place last week with a few of my friends and decided to try all four items on the breakfast column which is available from 8am to 2pm daily. 

Herb Chicken Breakkie. RM23

We had the Herb Chicken Breakkie which consist of grilled chicken breast marinated with herbs, a organic kampung egg serve in sunny side up, roasted baby potatoes, high fibre bread, butter, side salad, cherry tomatoes, served with warm thai red coconut curry. 

Anything that comes with a wobbly egg, I'm sold. Runny yolks make my knees weak. 
I love how simple this breakfast was prepared. Chicken breast was tender and moist, and well marinated with paprika (I think). A squeeze of lime onto the tender piece of meat was able to elevate the whole flavour of the dish. 

I think the best way to devour this is to smother the butter onto the toast generously, then layer the chicken meat on top, top with the egg and drizzle the thai red curry sauce on top of it, if it's not enough, drench it. Baam. You just got yourself an open-faced sandwich with a Thai twist. 

Big Breakfast RM26

 Next we had the classic Big Breakkie which, unsurprisingly comes with a jumbo sausage, 
two organic kampung eggs (you get to choose how you want the eggs to be cooked, from sunny side up/ scrambled/soft boiled); the plate also consist of baby potatoes, sautéed trio mushroom(Shiitake, White button mushroom, Eryngii), high fibre bread, butter, side salad, cherry tomatoes and roasted pumpkin.

Classic fine breakfast. 
I absolutely adore the colours on the plate. 
It reminds me of the rainbow spectrum.. From red to orange, yellow to green and the list goes on. 

The pumpkin, baby potatoes, sweet potatoes were in its most unadulterated form, lightly seasoned with salt and perfectly roasted. There are lots of different textures on this plate alone.. I promise this will ease your 'big business' tomorrow morning. This is all you need to kick start your day, it's packed with carbs, proteins, fibres and nutrients. 

Truffle Omelette. RM19

If you're into body building, I suggest you to go with the Truffle Omelette.
Goodness Greens only uses organic kampung egg in all their egg dishes and little did I know that there's actually four eggs used in this dish alone! Mushrooms, red & green capsicum, zucchini and mozzarella cheese were sautéed, then wrapped in the truffle infused omelette, it also comes with high fibre bread, butter, side salad and cherry tomatoes too. The truffle oil was the star of the dish, though invisible, but the first bite will make you feel like you're on cloud nine. This is what I call a simple lavish breakfast.  

Soft Boiled Organic Kampung Eggs. RM13

If you prefer a lighter version breakfast, opt for the Soft Boiled Organic Kampung Eggs. 
It comes with two soft boiled eggs, high fibre bread with butter, side salad cherry tomatoes and roasted pumpkin. 
I think this will be my all time choice as I don't usually eat a very heavy breakfast. 

Breakfast Wrap. RM13.90

The basic breakfast wraps consist of tomato sliced, romaine lettuce, scramble eggs, sausage with mayo dressing. 
If you want to amp up your protein in take you can also choose from the 'Add Ons' column which gives you a myriad option of Smoked duck breast, Smoke salmon, Chicken breast, Grilled shrimp or Salmon fillet. 

 As a seafood lover, we ordered the grilled shrimp to go with it. 

The wrap was simple and straightforward, no complicated sauce involved, no fancy ingredients but it was the best comfort and hearty food to go to after a strenuous morning workout. 

*add ons will be served separately instead of going in to the tortilla wrap. 

Besides coffee, there are 20 types of juices for you to choose from to pair with your breakfast.
Coffee is reasonably priced around RM10-11 and their juices range between RM11-RM14.

Also, Goodness Greens are opening a few more stores in addition to the brand called Superfoods in Mont Kiara and Avenue K by the end of this year! (Health freak let me here you hola!)

Not only that, if you have any question pertaining to health and nutrition feel free to contact or call 018-223 7755(Monday to Fridays only), the best part? It's free of charge ! So what cha waiting for? save the number now!

Goodness Greens Cafe

Jalan Dato Sulaiman,
(same row with Grumpy Cyclist, Devi’s, D’Legends Bar)
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 018-368 3320

Instagram: @goodnessgreenscafe

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