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Shogun@ Sunway Pyramid X FAVE by KFIT

Who doesn't like Japanese food?  buffet?
What's better when we can put them both together ? 
The whole world rejoiceeeeeee

It has been a long while since I had buffet and there's always a few rules I follow before having buffet.
Rule no.1 : Always wear comfy pants with elastic.
Rule no.2 : f**k carbs, go for seafood & proteins!
(Ps: the greens are there just to make me feel less sinful after gorging down all the sinfully glorious tempuras and salmon skin.)

There are a myriad of selections of food for you to choose. From seafood to poultry, sashimi to desserts. And I couldn't stress enough that the food in Shogun was fresh, not super extraordinary but definitely decent and has a certain quality control. 

I tried their shabu-shabu hot pot, where they serve you a hot pot of soup, and you get to choose your own ingredients to put into from the food counter.

Clams, prawns, bamboo clams and veges were fresh, no qualms about that. Even their hot food station were filled with glorious deep fried tempuras, salmon skin, prawns, soft shell crab, scallop, mini crabs and shishamo !!! Basically you get all kinds of seafood from raw to steam, stir fry to deep fried all under one roof. 

Mmmm.. the piping hot cheese baked oysters and snail kept me begging for more.

Their oysters and sashimi were fresh, with a hint of brackishness. 
And what's better way to eat oyster than a squeeze of lemon and few drops of Tobasco?

Sashimi? encore! encore! encore!

....And if you're wondering, yes, I had all these to myself at one serving and not a tiny crumb got wasted, because in my context, ''All you can eat buffet'' is not a suggestion, it's a challenge, and I took it up. 

Also, my secret is to eat fast. We've all heard that when you get full, it takes about 20 minutes for the message to get to your brain, right? Once you start, you have about 20 minutes to eat as much as you can before you know you are full. By the time your brain thinks you are full... it is too late! Ha, you just outsmarted your brain! *smirks

I've gotten this offer from FAVE app for a weekday lunch buffet for 1 person for RM43 at a 50% discounted rate. What I like about Fave App is that it is super easy to navigate, user friendly, and it's not too cluttered. There's three main categories which are Eat, Pamper and Fit. Eat helps to source nearby restaurants with offers, Pamper ranges from spas, to hair services to slimming, and Fit covers all sorts of activities.

When you tap into 'EAT', you get to see restaurants/eateries and cafes that has partnered with Fave, and all you need to do is to click on that particular offer, purchase it & redeem it. 
You also have options to filter the place by distance, trending and price, which helps you to narrow down your options. See, easy. 
Brilliant app for people who are indecisive like me. 

All in all, in all honesty, I think Fave is a great app to help you discover and save money if you dine out often. You also get to earn referral fee if you introduce it to your friend, good things are meant to be shared, don't you agree? 

If you haven't tried Fave yet, Here’s a promo code H8P3H to get discount, you’ll thank me later. 


SHOGUN™ Sunway Pyramid
LG2, 119-120, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, 
3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 
46150 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor DE.

Operation Hours:
Lunch: 12-3PM (Mon-Fri);12-4.00PM (Sat & Sun)
Dinner: 6 - 10:00PM Daily

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