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JEQ in the House @ PJ Seksyen 17


'' Coffee and cakes are the main things in a cafe, but the world is constantly evolving, so does our menu, we need changes to stay afresh and I think is time to introduce some new dishes in JEQ.'' - Jason.

 JEQ in the house has recently introduced a number of new dishes with a unique and modern twist.  The kitchen squad is helmed by Chef Jordan, a young, driven and passionate chef whom draws his inspiration from classical Asian and Western cuisine to create his latest menu.

JEQ in the house, ''in the house'' actually means everything is made in-house, including coffee, cakes and hot food. 

Rather than overshadowed by the cakes and coffee, Jason(the owner) prefers JEQ to be the place that will cross everyones' mind if they feel like having a great meal without causing a hole in their pocket. 
They also slightly shifted their menu to a semi-fine dining concept, allowing demanding customers like me to wine, dine and be happy and at the same time, save more money. :P

In Jeq, you can easily noticed that there are efforts being put into everything. The attention to details food plating, creative latte art, the interior settings and the song playlists! 

Our dinner began with espresso bomb, the presentation instantly caught my attention as it was not the usual way of serving mocha or any type of espresso based coffee. 

Espresso Bomb. 

It kind of reminds me of Brewmen, except JEQ serve it with milk. It should be named as 'Reversed Mocha'. IMHO. 

Warm milk, chocolate and a ball of espresso.
There's no instant gratification if you're looking to quench your thirst with iced mocha on a scorching hot day as you need to wait for the ball of espresso and the chocolate to kind of thaw and melt down in order to savour the best out of this drink. 

I enjoy the slow process though, it reminds me pleasure doesn't come with just a snap of your fingers, you gotta be patient and the reward will come. 

Rose Latte

I don't normally go for flavoured latte or beverage, but JEQ has nailed this right as the rose flavour was so authentic and fragrant, it didn't taste like any other artificial, syrup-laden rose latte I've tried at some cafe before. Go for it if you're a big fan of rose latte. Trust me, I am very fussy when it comes to coffee and this doesn't disappoint me. 

Smoked Duck Aglio Olio with Padano

The first dish to be served was the Smoked Duck Aglio Olio with Padano. This simple and perfectly seasoned pasta dish comes with a nice punch of savoury flavours and spices. The smoked duck was complimented by the sourness from the cherry tomatoes and just a touch of spiciness from the chili flakes. The overall presentation of the dish is further elevated by the colourful edible flowers. 

Mushroom Chicken Pot Pie. RM16

The Chicken pot pie was unpretentious, I love the different textures, flavours and temperatures in this dish. It's a joy to eat as you gently break off the top of the pastry, penetrating through the flaky & buttery pastry and dive your spoon straight into the creamy and rich white sauce; the cold and refreshing bed of salad balances out the rich and buttery aroma of the pastry. Hands down, the best comfy food to have at any time of the day.

Golden Wings
The next dish was the Deep Fried Golden Wings, which is basically salted egg fried chicken coated with salted egg yolk and chili padi. A stand out dish by itself. This dish is served with succulent pieces of deep fried chicken wings lightly and evenly coated with salted egg yolk. It also comes with a side of fries and chilli sauce. I absolutely love the asian touch of this dish. The only complain was there's not enough chili padi (bird's eye chili ) in it. 

My dining companion and I devoured this with much gusto. 

Miso Risotto Spheres- RM16

The Miso risotto sphere has a unique sweet, savoury and nutty flavour. The exterior is deep fried till golden colour, its centre is filled with Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, absolutely love the contrasting texture in this dish. The red  sauce underneath was made of sicilliano & carrot miso. The sauce rendered a slight spiciness as well as smooth salty texture to complement the golden sphere. 

This shot definitely speaks for itself.

Rose Tea Vinaigrette Salmon- RM28

Infuse with Rose Tea and Vanilla bean marinated Salmon steak served with butter pumpkin mash and arugula salad. The key ingredients of this dish are salmon, pumpkin, arugula salad and honey vinaigrette , which are pronounced and balanced well, simple and delightful. 

If you savour this dish carefully, you'll be able to detect a distinct rose aroma in the salmon itself.
Who would have thought about that?! This chef is genius!

The tender piece of salmon was served in a nice portion, complemented with a bed of pumpkin and potato mash which helped it sing. The arugula leaf, edamame and radish added a bit of crunch to the dish while the honey vinaigrette gave it a nice sweet tangy tone. The perfectly cooked thick mash balanced it by bringing back the dish to a balance.  


The dessert of the night was the infamous Tiramisu. 
Assuming it to be nothing special just like any other Tiramisu, I was impressed after taking a spoonful of this. The lady fingers was perfectly soaked and flavoured with a nice bittersweet tinge of espresso, followed by a prominent baileys aftertaste.
To me, I think they've done ordinary things, extraordinarily right. 

Malden Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Lava Cake

Our last dessert for the night was the Lava Cake. 
The key to a good lava cake is to ensure that the center is cooked just right, in a semi-melted state. 
The first cut resulted the ooze of piping hot molten chocolate which got me ooh-ohh-ahh-ahh ing. 

You get to taste a few dimensions of flavours in this dessert alone: 

First, a prominent sweetness from the warm chocolatey cake, followed by the semi-melted bittersweet chocolate in the center, then a tinge of saltiness to tease the palate and lastly rounded up with a spoonful of cold and creamy vanilla ice cream. 

That's not all yet, the dotted vanilla mango puree on the side added a nice sweet and sour note to the dessert, while the lemon cress contributed a nice zesty burst of tanginess which was then balanced out by the chocolate sauce underneath. A very well played sweet & sour, hot and cold dessert I must say. 

What I really like about about JEQ is that it offers a cozy and relaxed environment, with nostalgic songs spilling through the speakers and of course, the reasonably priced food. 

Definitely worth a visit! Don't come alone, bring your family and your loved ones, as good things are meant to be shared. 

JEQ in the House

19, Jalan 17/45, Seksyen 17, 
46400 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia

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