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BROLLY @ Menara FELDA, Persiaran KLCC


I think to myself all the time, food is indeed the best excuse to ask someone out to have a bonding session, don't you think so? ;)

Last week I finally had the time to ketchup when my group of friends in Brolly I've not seen for ages.

Tucked in the heart of KL, Brolly was aptly named because it has 9 brands offering different types of cuisine under one roof. 

From seafood to red meat, pizza to bento, cocktail to desserts, Besides a myriads of food, they offer a selection of cocktail from Bang Bang baller bar too. 

We started our meal with some oysters from Moley's Oyster Bar.
They offer two types of oyster: Kelly's Gigas oysters (RM8/pcs) & Fine de Claire Oyster (RM12/pcs) which is flown in fresh weekly from Ireland & France respectively. 

I found that Fine de claire has lesser complexity compare to Kelly and carries a balance of slightly brackish & sweet taste, also it's smaller compare to Kelly Gigas; On the other hand, Kelly's Gigas Oyster was plumper, and tasted remarkably sweet with just a hint of brackishness. They both taste great with or without a squeeze or lemon or Tobasco. 

Crispy fried Aussie onion 'flower'(RM18). 

It's a massive, fried onion that has been cut into the shape of a flower. It looks just like any other onion rings to me, but on steroids, also in one massive floral arrangement. 
I am not usually easy to succumb to onion rings but this beautifully battered onion blossom manage to find a way to my heart. 
Forget about diet and calories, just make sure to eat it while it's still hot.

We also had the chance to savour Brolly's signature Louisana Seafood which you get to choose from all sorts of Crabs, Lobster, Prawns, Scallops, Baby Octopus & Mussels.
If you are wondering, there are four types of sauce to choose from, zesty butter, garlic butter, Spicier Jamba Jamba & signature Southern Bang. 

Since all of us are so accustomed to the local tastebuds, we decided to go for the Jamba Jamba, with medium spiciness. That was the best decision we all made that day because it has the just-right spiciness to it, enough to get our tongue tickling but not numb. 

Before digging in to these, the courteous staff spread a huge plastic paper on the table and offer us a bib to tie around our neck so we wouldn't have to worry about staining our shirts while the knocking and cracking of the exoskeleton is going on.

While the sauces were quite delicious (chili & lemon mades the dish pops) and the vegetables were very well-seasoned, the prawns and crabs were definitely the star. This was such a delightful dining experience because each of us who sat on the table were either busy peeling off crabs and prawns for one another, or giggling and laughing at each other when we gets our hands & mouth smudge with gravy. 

That's how dining should be - interactive, instead of just looking at our phones all the time. 

  And what's better way to do justice than to mop all the sauces up with some glorious deep fried mantau?

Superbly puff steamed rice with fried onion. 
Be warned, you won't just stop at one serving of this. 

Next we tried Gumbo @ RM13.90. 
photo credits to vkeong

Apart from all of the above, I would like to highlight this fave soup of mine (which I didn't manage to take a photo of this marvellous creation as my hands were all coated with the glistening gravy.)

This thick gumbo soup comes in a standard paper cup that people use to do coffee takeaway. It that has a consistency of a semi-thick gravy and when you dive your spoon in you'll find grains of rice, spicy sausages and prawns and other boiled-down vege. Oozing with lots of flavours from the herbs, vegetables and shellfish. 
Each mouthful was a delightful experience. It wasn't just that, it was also surprisingly spicy which was not what I expected it to be.

Overall I personally think it's outstandingly delicious and should cross your mind when you're having a hangover. 

Next we also had the Black Pepper Crab (500g -+ RM74) which was wrapped with banana leaf & a layer of aluminium foil then grilled with charcoal, the authentic way to retain the essence from the flesh. 
It was as delicious as how it was pictured, fleshy, sweet and full of flavours!
Love the zing and kick from the black pepper. Black pepper lovers can I hear you hola? ;)

Pic credits:

In a nutshell, Brolly is definitely the place to be if you're planning to host any big or small events/catering for Birthdays, Anniversaries, ROMs, Graduation, Baby Showers, Bachelor/bachelorette Nights as
 Brolly is able to cater from 40pax up to 400 pax.

For inquiry:

Ground Floor, Menara Felda, 
Platinum Park, Persiaran KLCC, 
Kuala Lumpur. 

Valet parking available, as well as parking in building

Open daily, 11am-11pm. 

Tel: 03-2181-4122


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