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Beans N Beans, Uptown Damansara


A new Korean franchised bingsu has just landed its second outlet here in Selangor, which happens to be situated in the heart of Damansara.
A warm and cosy atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for workaholics and business meetings.
Also, a segregated Section with kid-friendly items makes this place a perfect family/friends get together over numerous cups of coffee and snacks or perhaps even a venue for a private event.

Bingsu. A sweet and decadent summer treat. 
The best part about having Bingsu here in Malaysia is that we get summer all year round.
This makes bingsu the ideal go to heat cooler anytime of the day or week.

Matcha bingsu (RM16.80)

Both portion served generously with all natural ingredients and very uniquely executed. I love that they incorporate the respective flavours into the ice before shaving it as to retain its optimum flavours.

Not your ordinary Bingsu you can get much around town.
Their Bingsu are cool, soft like cotton and smooth to the tongue. Leaning towards a milkier flavor with a fun chewy texture of their in house made Mochi made it a pleasurable journey for my taste buds with various texture when eaten altogether.

 Soymilk Bingsu

However I would personally enjoy it more if they had an additional bit of crunch to go with it.
On a side note; their matcha bingsu is perfect for those who do not fancy matcha that is too concentrated or bitter.

 A famous Korean style toast (RM13.50) with Korean rice cake which is nutritious and easily digested called Injulmi as its filling is drizzled lusciously with honey and topped with bits of crushed peanuts and almond and sieved generously with Soymilk powder.

The combination of taste and texture for both sure did excite my taste buds.
With that being said, If you feel extra adventurous, do give their red bean latte a go. 

Their latte (RM11.90) was well worth my money with it being portioned to almost twice the amount of an average cup of coffee you get in other restaurants and cafes. Their 100% Arabica coffee sure paired really well with their toasts.

 Next up, a red bean cheese toast (RM13.50), that has a unique blend of sweet and savory. Doesn't seem convincing at first but trust me, be adventurous and you'd be surprise with the outcome.

 A day well spent with great company and definitely a plus having these delectable treats to compliment my time well :) 

Beans N Beans, Uptown Damansara

Damansara Utama Jaya Selangor, 
107, Jalan SS 21/1a, 
Damansara Utama, 
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Business hours:


Contact : 
03-7732 8288

Words by Amanda Huang (Fb profile)

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