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The Point KL @ Damansara Height


A charming restaurant, bar & lounge located in Medan Damansara, the city’s latest strip for nook F&B gems- The Point offers an exquisite mix of dining experiences catering to patrons looking for modern sophisticated coupled with a delectable experience. 
The Point launches a brand new fusion style menu of innovative dishes inspired by its signature style of Local, asian, european, and mediterranean flavours this year. 
They also launches their latest menu in conjunction with their 2nd year anniversary. 

Big Breakfast RM28

Pork Sausage, pork bacon, prosciutto, poached/scrambled eggs, accompanied with brioche and hash brown. 

Brioche & sous vide egg. 

Nothing beats the perfectly sous-vide egg. Runny yolk, pillowy soft brioche and drizzled with mayonnaise. 

Mozzarella Stuffed Portobello Mushroom
served with pesto and balsamico.

The most memorable entree of that night. 
Portobello mushroom coated with a thin layer of batter then deep fried till crispy. This is one of the best deep fried portobello mushroom I've ever had as it wasn't too greasy. 
I marvelled when I took the first bite; Crispy and fragrant on the outside, remarkably juicy on the inside. Nothing can ever go wrong when you add cheese into it. ;)

Surf and Turf. RM32

Corned beef burger, deep fried crayfish, dill mayo, Mesclun salad, chips. 

Lovely burger with extremely delicious crayfish. Crayfish actually has the texture close to prawns(some say lobster), and the dill mayo reminds me so much of McD's fillet O fish. 

Each layer of the ingredient matches very well with each other. My dining companion mentioned that it could be better if the corned beef taste a little juicier, but no complains for me as I never liked greasy food. 

This substantial burger can definitely fill up anyone who has a regular appetite. 

Salted egg yolk soft shell crab. RM29

topped with curry leaf infused cream sauce, served in lettuce cups. 

Prawn and Crab Croquette 

served with Laksa coconut broth & topped with salmon roe. 

Truffled cold angel hair, Avruga Caviar. RM30

Another dish worth mentioning. 
The pleasurable truffled oil scent wafted through my nostril when this dish was on its way to the table. 
Yen was sitting beside me and she was so happy when she detected the same scent as me too! 

Angel hair was al-dente, a mouthful of this sent us temporarily to heaven. Perhaps the only complaint is that the portion is slightly too small for us. 

Suckling Pig 12 Hour Slow Cooked, served with plum & balsamico. 

Citrus Cured Salmon Carpaccio
Served with 62cc egg yolk, wasabi mayo, salted kelp, truffled toast. 

Something I would order for brunch. 
Light, refreshing and not too filling. 

The toast was brought up to another level when it was toasted with truffle oil and it was profoundly hard and crispy too. It requires a little gum strength but I enjoyed it nonetheless. 

Pan seared black cod. RM62

Perfectly seared thick and juicy cod accompanied with smoked caviar dressing, asparagus, mushroom fritters and balsamico. 
 Man, this need no further elaboration. 

Look at that glistening sheen on the cod! Pretty distinctive isn't it? 

Bak Kut Teh. RM47

12 Hours slow cooked pork belly, 
served with quinoa, bok choy, garlic, chilli padi soy glaze. topped with mushroom tempura.
Chinese comfort food with a twist!

Halibut Fish Linguine RM28

Tossed with cream, asparagus, parsley, and grana padana cheese. 

My favourite pasta that night. 
Chili padi goes well with basically.....anything!
(only if you can take spicy)

Chunks of halibut, the assertive basil scent, and a hint of spiciness, 
each mouthful I took burst into so much flavors that were so capable of coaxing me to dive my fork back into them ...I just could not get enough of these.

Pesto Prawn Linguine RM30

Tossed with basil pesto and topped with grilled jumbo prawn.

Spaghetti Rosso RM28

Tossed with sundried tomatoes pesto, Anchovies and pine nuts. 

Mille-feuille Ricotta. RM26

Layers of puff pastry filled with ricotta cheese, peach, berries.

Chocolate fudge RM25

Homemade served with pistachios, and vanilla ice cream. 
Creme brulee. RM25

Kah lua and bailey's infused creme brulee. 

The Point KL serves up a fusion style menu of innovative dishes inspired by European, asian , mediterranean flavours. 

While the first floor caters to a more intimate dining setting, the second floor allows you to enjoy resonant music over a few drinks. Liven the experience at the bar with great cocktails, premium champagnes, wines & spirits, with cigars to pair.

The Point KL

First & Second Floor, 
122, Jalan Kasah, 
Medan Damansara, 
Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur

Business Hour:
Monday - Saturday 
5:00 pm - 1:00 am. 

Wednesday - Saturday 
11:30 am - 2:00 pm.


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