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Brulee Brasserie New Menu@ Casa Tropicana


If you don't remember I've blogged about this place not long ago, read the post: here

Brulee Milktea

During my last visit I forgot to take picture of this Brulee Milktea because I thought it didn't look quite stand out but the unusually pleasing vanilla taste definitely added the 'extra' into the ordinary. 

Malaysian Latte 

This round, I also made sure that I asked what was in my Malaysian latte. Turns out to be all of our very own favourite traditional beverages. 
made of Horlick, Kopi O and Nescafe. 

My visit this round to Brulee Brasserie took me by surprise when I found out that they've revamped their entire menu and decided to focus on just serving thin crust pizza. Yeap, no more pasta for pasta maniac like me. 

Big Breakfast RM15

Anyway, moving on we tried the Big Breakfast thin crust pizza which comes with bacon (holy!), baked beans, sunny sides egg, cheese & sausages!

All basic ingredients you would get when ordering a typical american breakfast, on a thin crust pizza!! I kinda like that idea already because you get to eat them using your hand, no fork and knife needed. 

Look at that glorious glistening bacon. Every mouthful was packed with chunks and pieces of meat and protein. Who says thin crust pizza isn't filling ? This will definitely fill up any carnivore.

Sun-dried tomato RM13

Next we had a vegetarian pizza, which is a lighter version compared to the first one. 
The base of the pizza was smeared generously with tomato paste then a thin sprinkle of cheese and fresh cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and sun dried tomatoes.

I absolutely love how the egg was being done. The egg white was  cooked thoroughly and the centre still remain moist.
#PutAnEgg on anything and it will easily win my heart over. 
This pizza is best for those who wants a light bite without over- stuffing yourself. 

Pesto Caviar RM15

If you're feeling a little bit more 'atas', order their pesto caviar pizza. 

Look how generous they are with their ingredients.
An even spread of red & black caviar, olives and cherry tomatoes atop of a bed of cheddar cheese. 

This my friend, is a work of art. 
It tasted a tad briny at the first bite but eventually the taste was neutralised by the olives and bell pepper. 
I will definitely come back for this and probably go with some beer or wine instead of coffee next time. 

Well, I am so looking forward to come back and try their Petai Sambal and Nasi Lemak Pizza next round. It caught my attention when I saw them on the menu but the owner said Nasi Lemak wasn't available on that day when I visited and I had to catch up with friends after the meal so the self-conscious me didn't want to go for the stinky (but delicious) petai sambal. 

They always say no meal is complete without dessert, moreover you're in Brulee Brasserie! Red Tea creme brulee is it!
Best on its own. No description needed. It was smooth, fragrant and has the just right sweetness. 
This comes highly recommended, just make sure the creme brulee is chilled when they serve it to you (cause sometimes they might mistakenly serve you the freshly made ones which tasted a bit warm and less yummy). I promise you'll love it.

If you're looking for a place for a quiet catch-up with friends, this is definitely the place to be. Quaint yet playful, small but cozy. Bonus point added when all the food here doesn't priced above RM15. ;)

Business Hour:
Sunday& Tues-Thurs: 
12pm- 10pm

Fri & Sat : 
12pm - 12am

Closed on Mondays

Brûlée Brasserie
B-2-1 Casa Tropicana Condominium, 
Jalan Persiaran Tropicana, 
Petaling Jaya, 47410 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia


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