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Brûlée Brasserie@ Casa Tropicana Condominium


Brulee brasserie is a hidden gem amongst the other local ‘cafes’ located in casa Tropicana . Brulee brasserie might seem a little tight for a large crowd, but the interior and the music played emits a rather cosy feeling. And during this festive season, their decoration made it even cosier!

What’s unique about this café is that Mediterranean dishes are in the menu.

Malaysian Latte. RM9

Passion Mojito. RM12

Their Brulee Milk Tea, RM9(not photographed) comes highly recommended. Shame on me as I thought it was just another ordinary milk and did not bother to take a photo of it. 

Brûlée Brasserie's Brulee Milk Tea is a MUST try. 

It has a superb milky texture, followed by a delightful scent, which I suspect is the pure vanilla bean that's added into it. 

Moroccan Beef pizza. RM9

We started off with the Moroccan beef pizza. The marinated minced beef in Moroccan spices mixed with Pomodoro sauce gives out quite a distinctive flavour. The crust was thin and crunchy, which is perfect as a light starter or an afternoon snack.

Don't you just want to take a bite of this?

Next we had the cilantro pesto, which was my personal favourite! Linguine was used for this dish, served with tuna, cherry tomatoes with hints of parmesan cheese.

It does not sound like much but it is definitely worth a try! It was quite surprise because a good plate of pesto pasta is hard to come by. 
Pasta was al dente, with just the right amount of seasoning and cherry tomatoes. Also, I like the fact that the tuna didn’t have that fishy taste at all.

Chicken Souvlaki(Small-RM16)

Then we had the Chicken Souvlaki which priced at RM16 for half a portion and RM22 for a large portion. According to the owner, this is their signature dish here.

Every morsel on the plate was perfectly seasoned, the chicken was grilled, but remained tender and succulent, not the mention that it goes very well with the Dijon Tzatziki sauce too. 

Plus point when this dish comes with potatoes, I like potatoes! 
My friends commented that it’s a little salty but it was alright for me. 

Greek Chicken Wrap (set lunch menu)

 Cheesy Calzone(set lunch menu)

If you are on a tight budget, you can always opt for the lunch set menu(RM10) which comes with a free Ice Lemon Tea. 

Creme Brulee (RM7)

For dessert we had the crème brulee in two flavours - the original and red tea. Crème brulee is their signature as you can tell just by the café’s name (duh!). The original was creamy, smooth and not too sweet. It’s definitely a lovely way to end a meal.

Creme Brulee- Red tea (RM7)

However, the real MVP is definitely the red tea crème brulee for now (since I’ve only had two flavours). Pooooooooffff! Mind blown! Haha okay I guess I exaggerated a little but the red tea crème brulee? Thumbs up for real! As I am not really a fan of sweet stuffs, this really made an impression. The flavour of the red tea is quite distinctive which is what makes it so special. So, save some space for it but I’m sure that we always, always have space for dessert. ;)

Overall, I would come back to brulee brasserie for other food that I haven’t tried and also the crème brulee when I crave for one. The prices for their food are quite reasonable as well.

Oh! Fancy a glass or two? Almost forgot to mention that they serve alcohol (mainly beer, lots of ‘em). So if you’re around the corner or want a new spot to chill with friends, Brulee brasserie could be your place to visit.

Brûlée Brasserie
B-2-1 Casa Tropicana Condominium, 
Jalan Persiaran Tropicana, 
Petaling Jaya, 47410 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia


Words by :

Bryan Cho

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