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Eating Marathon in London, United Kingdom.


They say traveling is one of the best experiences in life. It is not only the architecture that makes you love a place, but the food and people that share the experience with you. I've been very fortunate to be able to go on an Eating Tour during my visit to London last month- Want to know where I went?keep scrolling!

The East End(Shoreditch) is a neighbourhood like no other. Its tapestry of diverse cultures, mouth-watering cuisines, unique architecture and fascinating stories make it an unforgettable destination. Eating London's 3.5 hour East End Food Tour offers eight authentic tastings at a diversity of places like markets, shops, bakeries, pubs and restaurants. 

Our east-end eating tour begins with:-
An award winning bacon sandwich in London

 We had bacon sandwich comprising the simplest ingredient, which is bacon, bread and dark caramel sauce.
The light and fluffy bread was char-grilled on both sides, with bacon sandwiched in between, I helped myself by smothering a spoonful of thick caramel sauce and devoured. 
Simple and yummy. 

While walking towards our next destination, our amicable tour guide, Hannah mentioned that the English love their desserts. So much so that there’d be far too many to mention here, and we sampled the most traditional ones which is bread and butter pudding. 

'' Decades ago, bread and butter pudding was a meal that poorer families would have made from leftover stale bread; layering the bread in a dish, adding sultanas or dried fruit, soaking it all in milk and then baking in the oven. Years later, it’s seen as more of a dessert than a main meal but, because it’s filling and warm, it’s still hugely popular. '' - Eating London

Bread pudding has never tasted so good in my life. 
Perhaps I was hungry. This bread pudding that was served piping hot in a ramekin was scrumptious with a satisfying thin layer of caramelised top; the bread pudding was soft and slightly runny (I didn't mind that it wasn't firm). Such comfort food, it was no surprise that everyone that was sitting around the table demolished the bread pudding in less than a minute. The flavour totally won me over.

After warming up our tummy with the bread pudding, we proceeded to our third stop.

At Androuet, you get to discover the wonderful world of English cheeses. 

We sampled the Westcombe Cheddar, which is
produced since the 1890's in the dairy of Westcombe, 
this Cheddar is slightly tangy and creamy.

....and Blue cheese!

From Camembert to Comté, Reblochon to Roquefort and Swiss Gruyere to Italian Mozzarella… In Androuet you will definitely find a cheese you love.
After bidding farewell to the cheese shop, we stopped by Poppies!


When you are in Britain, 
Fish & Chips is a must-eat and there is no better place to get your fix than at Poppies, listed as Time Out’s top 100 foods in London.

 Crispy and comforting - this traditional British fish and chips is simple irresistible. 

Love the super thick fries too!
After eating this, I've noted that day as the day which I embarked down the road to obesity. 

5)Bricklane - Aladin Curry House
Brick Lane has over 50 restaurants on just one street. I think I've made the right decision by signing up for EatingLondon food tour  because fickle-minded person like me don't have to crack my head and go through all the tough decision- making process to choose among the best curry places in Bricklane (cause you know every restaurant claims that they serve THE BEST CURRY IN LONDON).

Listed by the BBC as 'One of the World's Best Curry Houses', the Indian Restaurant Aladin is famously known for serving exceptional curry in a busy bustling environment. Recently Aladin was declared as the Winner for Taste Brick Lane Curry Awards and crowned Best Curry House in Brick Lane by Celebrity Chef Ainsley Harriott with the Mayor of Tower Hamlets. Brick Lane diners have also voted Aladin as the No.1 Curry House on WhatPolls list of Best Brick Lane Restaurants for 3 consecutive years! The best curry house in Brick Lane,

We had the Vegetable Dansak, which was not spicy, serve with sweet and sourish lentils; Chicken Madras which was medium spicy, and Lamb Madras, which the spiciness slowly creeps in after a while. 
Everything tasted marvellous, loving the spices and flavours in each dish. It was exceptionally comforting to eat such warm and spicy food during autumn. 

6) Beigel Bake
After a fiery meal in Bricklane, we visited the most famous bagel shop which has 100 years over of history. This place is open for 24 hour, serving freshly baked filled/plain bagels.
We tried the brilliant moist salt beef bagel, each of us in the tour gets half a bagel. I was already super stuffed at this point but can't stop munching on the chewy bagel. 

7) Local Pub

Almost forgot to mention that we went to the local pub to have some beer & cider too!
I heard it's one of the local's favourite pub in the neighbourhood, the Pride Of Spitalfields.

8) Salted Caramel Tart @Pizza East

''Ticking off the holy trinity of sugar, salt and fat – salted caramel is the class A drug of the confectionery world, ''- says Nigella Lawson.

Buttery crust, gooey salted caramel and bittersweet chocolate ganache, garnished with almond flakes. Chocolaty, rich and buttery, I fell in love with it from the first bite.  It tasted sweet, salty, and bitter all at once. 
I humbly think that 'good' is the world's most egregious understatement for this salted caramel tart. 

...Then washed down the sugar with some traditional English Tea...

At this point I look at my bulging tummy, smiled to myself and say: 
Diet is for the weak. 

Eating London
 tour consist of small groups (usually less than 10) and is led by entertaining local guides that will not only make sure you are well fed but will also educate you with stories that give you insights into the East End’s traditions and culture. 

(Look at Hannah's positive vibes when she's talking)

My group was led by Hannah, she's peachy and courteous. 
My eating tour wouldn't be as enjoyable without Hannah. 
She made sure everyone in the group won't feel left out during the eating tour by checking on us from time to time. 
Brownie points added when she's so cordial and knowledgeable as she's able to explain/share the timeline/interesting facts about the food and places that we've visited in Shoreditch. 

If you're planning to go on a trip in the near future, q
uit playing tourist for a few hours and let these amazing team bring you around! 

Special thanks to Eating London & Eating Europe Team for arranging such memorable eating tour for me. 

For more info, check out the links below! ;)

Eating London

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  1. I'd skip the curry. No English cream tea, buttery scones with clotted cream and fruit jam? I so love that!

    1. Oh!! I really forgot about that !!! I think Ive found a good reason to return :'D

  2. Fish and chips and Indian for me please! Two of my fav British food.. :)

    1. You are destined to be married to angmoh( SIFU)!! ;P


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