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MAGGI Royale Penang Seafood Curry


This is a sponsored post.

Hi guys! What's your all time favourite comfort food?

For me , it has always been Instant noodle, I am not telling this because Maggi sponsored this post but the truth is, because nothing beats a hearty bowl of springy noodle at any time of the day! I normally have it for supper with my brother.

I remember there's one period of time my brother and I were so obsessed with maggi, we had it for almost 3-4times a week(I am not kidding)! 
I would prefer soup based over the dried version because I simply love to drink soup! 

Normally I will be the one to finish the last drop of broth. (Though it's MSG laden, just make sure you drink more water after that lah) .
So here's my step-by-step documentation of cooking a bowl of MAGGI Royale Penang Seafood Curry :

Step 1: Boil eggs. I like eggs. Hence, double it.

When the water starts to boil, dump in the cake of noodle.

Blanch long beans for 5minutes. Drained. Put aside.

2mins later, add prawns. Cook prawns until the flesh turns colour.

There are three packets of seasonings in the package.
One is the sambal balacan, creamer, and msg. 

Here's one vital step that I practice every time I cook maggi, which is to switch OFF the fire THEN only I will add the msg.

There you go! This is my personal trick when cooking instance noodles. As a food science student, we sorta learn here and there on the healthier way to prepare instant noodles.
Yay! You learn something new today! 

Okay, after adding everything, give it quick stir. 
Look how the pale water transformed into an orangey-curry tone.
My mouth will normally waters at this point of time.

But before that.. I have to take a nice 'portraiture' of it first.

Assemble the long beans that I have boiled earlier, sliced hard boiled egg, garnished with apple mint and VOILA ! 

There you have it, a bowl of hearty, yummy bowl of maggi that you can have any time of the day! 

I love the springy noodle and the rich creamy seafood broth of this packet of MAGGI Royale Penang Seafood Curry.
The toasted belacan sambal actually gives an extra zing to it too. 
The only complain that it is not spicy enough for me. I like hot hot hot! 

As I am enjoying my bow of noodle, my mom yells from the living room:
''Mei~ What are you eating? It smells so good........''

*Ah..I knew it! she's coming to steal my noodle, again* 

Salivating? Go and grab one today and create your #Royaleoftheday!

Visit #MAGGIRoyale’s website for more inspiration!

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  1. Great photo as always! and I want a bowl of hot curry mee now~~ *slurp*

    1. that's very kind of you, Cheryl. Thank you.
      Haven't seen you in a while, hope youre doing fine at your end. ;)

  2. Nice photos, dear! Makes me wanna eat Maggi mee now ;)


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