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Dewakan @KDU, Shah Alam

I do not consider myself as a food critic with a discerning palate, but I am a person who appreciates good food, and I appreciate it when someone takes the time and effort to cook for me. They say, people who spend money on experience are happier, and the biggest joy I seek from will be in the form of a great dining experience.

Some asked me why would I spend so much on food when I can get it at a much lower price. The answer is simple. Experience cannot be quantified. I already delved into this but the importance of this point can't be overstated. Experience are priceless and I don't mind splurging on my dining experience because these experiences will never lose their luster.

When I first read EatDrinkKL about this place I already knew that I was going to be there. Hah, 10-course for RM170, you must be joking. (But I went after GST so the price spiked a little. sob. )
Was here the other day with Amanda, a friend whom I just met. Our first conversation was about food, and the following conversations leads us here. Nuff said.

Freshly baked bread with homemade butter. 
Butter was lusciously delectable. 
I do not normally take butter but I have to admit this was so hard to resist.
I think I will leave this untouched if the amicable staff didn't tip-off us about the bread twigs. 
It looks like little branches to me and didn't seem edible at all. (I almost thought that the greens can be eaten too. #sillyme )

Bread twigs are meant to go with 'Budu' Mayonnaise. 

Budu is a fish sauce and it is very well known in Kelantan. 
It feels like eating a thinner and crispier version of lekor . Very appealing. 

Complementary appetiser - Cucur. 

Cucur means fried cake in Malay.
Cucur-style fritters sprinkled with copious amount of kerisik and spinach powder.
The creator of this dish is a genius. Why didn't I thought of this before? If cucur can turn into a fine-dine, anything else is possible, like (maybe) pisang goreng, lekor, ubi goreng, nasi lemak? 
The sky is the limit, good job Chef , I'm looking forward to your new menu. 

Next came Mango Curry , which I found that it was relatively sweet with a tinge of curry flavour. 

It was a bit exotic to me at the first taste because my mind is not used to decipher a curry dish which was as sweet as ice cream. But it tasted yummy after my tastebuds got accustomed to it .

Forbidden Rice Porridge
Congee of black Glutinous Rice , Ox Tongue, Soft Boiled Egg Yolk, Mushroom Broth

This dish was an absolute, hands-down hit with the table with its bold flavours fortifying a quite unusual way of presentation. Mushroom broth was prepared using the siphon method (yes, similar to coffee), and it was full of the essence of mixed vegetables like mushroom, mandarine peels, etc. 
Then it was poured over the bowl of black glutinous congee. 

I love how chef aptly name this dish 'forbidden' as not many of us actually appreciate black glutinous rice and as a typical asian, we have never thought of cooking it in a savoury way (or maybe it's just me).

The ox tongue was cooked with sous-vide method, resulting in a remarkable tender texture and it literally melts in the mouth, the score went skyrocketed with the additional touch of the inviting orange-hued-wobbly yolk. I hastily mixed it all together while it was still warm and devoured. Ugh, such a memorable orgasmic dish.

Consider this as my first course, it has already wow-ed me with its astounding flavours and presentation. That being said, I was eagerly looking forward to my next course .

Roast Mushrooms
King Oyster Mushrooms, Green Curry Paste, Yogurt, Dried Mackerel Flakes

Amanda ordered this and I can tell from the expression on her face, that she's satisfied with her mushrooms.
I asked how was the food and she nodded, brimming with joy,
and she was kind enough to share some with me too. I was overwhelmed with every single dish since I sat down, and my eyes were too busy admiring these mushrooms parading in front of me while my mouth exercise to savour deliciousness. 

In my opinion, mushroom actually taste akin to meat , it's fleshy and juicy provided it's done right. In this case, it was lightly grilled to preserved its original flavour, wonderfully plated with local herbs... me gusto!

Razor Clams

Pulau Ketam razor clams, sauteed & served chilled with Cashew nuts, Rose Apples, 'tenggek burung' herbs & 'snow.' 

I adored the cold sensation coming from the 'snow' as it awakes my tastebuds as soon as it meets my tongue. 
Not forgetting to mention every morsel on the plate melded perfectly together... Each mouthful was crunchy, juicy and chewy, forming a perfect ensemble.

The aroma that comes from the ulam and rose apple hovers all over the olfactory chamber of mine, stimulating the appetite.
The mixture of cashew, clams, and finely chopped 'tenggek burung' were the crowning touch of this dish.

Corn Fed Chicken
Charcoal Fire Roasted Chicken Basted with Whey , Chicken Ragout Wrapped in Kaduk, Kai Lan and Buah Keluak Puree.

I chose the Corn Fed Chicken while Amanda chose the fish.

Pomfret steamed over turmeric leaves, Chrysanthemum Garland, Water Chestnut, Salted Egg Yolk, Sweet Potato Crisps.

Both of us didn't quite like our mains as I found that the chicken was cooked slightly below my expectation. 

The meat was neither tender nor hard, the deep spinach-green kailan sauce and buah keluak puree didn't quite hit the spot for me, I only managed to finish the chicken ragout wrapped with Daun Kaduk ; Same goes to Amanda, despite we both love the way our mains were presented but the taste didn't meet up to our expectation, we both felt that it was a little bland (no doubt the pomfret was fresh) . 

On the side note, we both appreciate the effort that takes to prepare the salted egg yolk and sweet potato crisps, it's so beautiful to look at!

Top-down shot taken with my phone. 
The plating is definitely at its finest. 

Smoked Chocolate with Banana
Smoked chocolate chantilly, Nutmeg Syrup, Dill, Pisang Goreng Ice Cream

The Ice Cream was the highlight on the plate for me because let's face it, who doesn't like Pisang Goreng? in the form of ice-cream?

Gula Melaka
Gula Melaka Marouise, sour meringue , Pulut Ice Cream

Creamy Gula Melaka marquise with sour meringue were deliciously decadent, too.
We oohed when it arrives and (after taking the requisite photos) dug in with gusto.

Dewakan, one of the very rare molecular fine-dining cuisine  available (or maybe the only one) in Klang Valley, very reasonably priced,  definitely worth a (or more) visit. 
Lunch for either a three- (RM80) or four-course (RM133) meal, or opt for a five- (RM164) or ten-course (RM207) dinner. 
À la carte dishes are not available.

Lunch: Mon to Fri – 12 Noon to 2:30pm
Dinner: Thur to Sat – 7pm to 9pm

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  1. Thanks for your honest review

  2. I got my eye on this place too! Your photos are soooo pretty, definitely did justice to the food and place!

    (Haha a lot of ppl also like to ask me why I like to spend money on food.... rather than handbags etc)

    1. Thank you my dear MIL!!
      That's why we 'click' so well .. :P
      My next stop is Sage lo.. you always go there, I am so tempted!! ;D
      Want to see Chef Daniel.. hehehe...

      Btw, how is mini Daniel and Chloe doing ? Miss them much! x


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