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TAP by Seeties - Find sponsorships & get invited to Parties!


Calling all Malaysian FBI (Facebooker, Blogger & Instagrammer)

TAP it’s a platform where you meet brands and sponsors for exclusive access to parties, events, product review, exclusive press conference with celebrities, trips and opportunities!

Sponsors are represented by the advertising agencies, and these agencies can now directly engage with you. 
Good news to all party lovers! TAP have Avène, Life Magazine by Nanyang Siang Pau, Logon by Sinchew Daily, O'Briens Irish Sandwich Café, Naza Kia, Renault, Royce’ Chocolate, Silkygirl, Sony Music, Sunway Lagoon etc. So now, who's afraid of the big bad wolf? And all the brands don't stop here. More to come! 

TAP is the first & best perk/sponsorship platform for FBI

TAP is built with the mission to provide opportunities to Active FBI and agencies.

For the first time ever, FBI will gain more perks and opportunities than before as there’s NO MORE MIDDLEMAN involved. 

TAP is NOT a middleman. TAP is part of Seeties’ ecosystem to bring joy to all. 

How TAP works.

Agencies post invitations on TAP in search for FBI to collaborate on campaigns, events, parties, trips, sponsorships and many more. 

You choose and apply accordingly to your interests and brands you love. 
Agencies will select the FBI who are most suitable for their brands/sponsors.
The collaboration between the agency and FBI is entirely up to the parties.
You maximize your social influence through social media platforms and Seeties.

How you can join TAP.

You should be an Active FBI (Facebook, blogs, Instagram) user,
Minimum entry requirement is 500 followers or page likes. But rules can be bent if your content is fun and unique! So why not give a try!
No hang up on a language barrier. Your content can be in English, Chinese or Malay. 

Joining TAP is as simple as that.
Now go to TAP, apply and fill up your details. 

I’m now with TAP. Join me to explore the fun and opportunities!

TAP is going to be the coolest platform ever for connecting brands with active FBIs (Facebookers, Bloggers & Instagrammers). And when we say Coolest, we mean it! 
Sign up now (hyperlink and receive updates on the Weekly Feature of Most Prominent Brands on TAP.

TAP is part of Seeties’ ecosystem, and it’s FREE to use.

Currently open for registration. Launching in mid of May 2015. 

About Seeties

Now we are done with TAP, so let me tell you more about what is Seeties. 

Seeties is an app that shows you the best things happening in your city!

From a 30 year old local food stall, waterfall picnic, thrill seeking skydiving, to 120 people blind dating, latest fashion trends, sunset drinks and the coolest night spots to dance your night away in your city. 

Seeties is a fast growing Internet platform in Southeast Asia and Seeties’ mission is to make city life super duper fun!

Currently available in Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore. Most active digital users use Seeties to share and discover the best things happening in their cities and abroad. 

Seeties also works beautifully for traveling as everything in Seeties is locally recommended. Hence, you get to explore where locals go and eat at places where locals eat. 

Seeties is available for both web and app version, user can free download via Google Play and App Store. /

Need to know more? Check out the newsreel about Seeties (

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