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Get fun with Tripda Car Pooling

Ask any one who is staying in the Klang Valley what's the major problem in our city, the answer will 101% be traffic on the road. 

The major contribution of the massive traffic congestion on the road is because (almost) everyone drives a car to the same destination. Owning a car is not to be blamed, but why be part of the crazy traffic when you can carpool?

Imagine each container of Nyonya kuih represent a car, and each distinctive kuih represent different people.

When everyone refuse to share the space in their car with another, road congestions is unavoidable 

I believe that there are solutions to every problem, imagine the cars on the road could be reduced by half because people start practice car-pooling. It will result as the picture below.

As obvious as you can see, there are more space on the road. This simply means that you will get to your destination in a shorter period of time. Come to think about it, why not? right?

Besides having a smoother traffic to your destination, you will enjoy the journey more as you get the chance to meet new people who comes from different backgrounds. On top of that, 
carpooling reduces each person's travel costs such as fuel, tolls, and the stress of driving, too. 

Hey, isn't that kill (more than) two birds with one stone?

Carpooling is seen as a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way to travel as sharing same journeys reduces carbon emission, traffic congestion on the roads, and the need for parking spaces. 

But how? How do strangers communicate with each other if they are departing and heading to the same destination at the coincidentally same period of time ?

Thankfully, we have Tripda , a brilliant app created to solve all problems above.
You can check out Tripda on the link for further details. 
But first, let me summarise what Tripda is for you:

Tripda is an App, available on iOS & GooglePlay. 
Easy 1 2 3  sign up, every user can now be a driver / passenger. 
All you need to do is choose from the column 'Find a ride' OR 'Offer a ride' to/from specific location and enjoy meeting new friends!

Top 4 reasons to use Tripda:

1) Convenient - Everything is just a screen-tap away.
2) Affordable - Price can be negotiated,and will be stated before you decide to accept the ride, absolutely stress-free.
3) Safe - Drivers and passengers details are all linked with facebook, so you can lightly browse through their profile beforehand.
4) Environmental Friendly - Less carbon emission, less pollution, haze, smoke, better health. 

Instagram + twitter handle : @TripdaMY 
Tripda mobile app available on iOS and Google Play

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  1. May I ask what you did with the kuih after that? Your post just made me really hungry hehe...


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