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JuiceDFruitz @ Puchong Setiawalk.


You are not updated to the F&B trend if you never heard of the word 'Cold-Pressed-Juice'. 
It's everywhere and anywhere, be it online delivery, mainstream shopping malls, Instagram feeds and your Facebook newsfeed. It's. Everywhere.

New Juice stalls/ Juice counters are mushrooming after the cafe waves. 
I've found a Juice shop nearby my neighbourhood which I think they stand out slightly from the other brand as they also offer substantial food/Breakfast here. 

Juice D Fruitz just went through a rebranding phase to freshen up their brand image not long ago.
As you can see, their interior was surrounded with bare bricks painted with white, adorned with classic root beer, DIY vintage pendant light and pastel-blue painted nostalgic chairs. 

Smoke Salmon Salad. 

Salad comprises salmon, arugula, lettuce and poached egg, lightly tossed in thick and creamy sesame sauce, dusted with parmesan snow. 
Caroline, One of my dining mate blurted out : 'I do not take greens at all, but I lost count on how many leaves I've had from this plate of salad, and that has already exceeded one month of my quota '. 
We all just burst into laughter. 

Put an egg on anything and it will automatically leave a lasting impression. 
It works. 

Mama's Breakfast 

For big eaters, double of everything - Sausages, eggs, toast, ham baked beans and salad lightly dressed with vinaigrette dressing. 
It could be better if they perfect the sunny side up but it's priced at only RM11.90 , can't complain much. 

Another note-worthy dish - Dancing Mushroom. RM13.90

 Sautéed mushroom submerge in creamy, rich carbonara sauce, sandwich between a perfectly halved buttery,flaky croissant - Goodness in every mouthful. 

The dancing mushroom comes with sides of salad and chips. 
It was exceedingly filling , make sure you come with an empty stomach if you were to order this.


If you're still not full enough, fret not, they have a selection of pasta for you to choose from, too.

We had the classic angel hair red pasta, which tasted okay but lack of the wow factor that I'm in search for to categorised it as a plate of superb pasta. Anyhow, it was still acceptable as I am never a fussy eater.

Don't forget to order the signature cold pressed juice here to wash down all the food too. (so that you could eat some more :P )

Happy Grapie: 
Apple Orange Grapefruit Grapes

Fruity Berry
Apple. Orange. Blackberry. Blueberry. Strawberry.

Lovely Lady
Apple. Orange. Pineapple. Strawberry.

P & A Juice:
Apple. Orange. Pears. Lemon.

It's hard to believe, but it's only RM11.80 for all Juices. Well, I personally think that it is worth every penny as zero sugar and water are being added to attain the volume of 500ml. 
These thirst quenching cold pressed juice are packed with living enzymes, vitamins and minerals, undeniably the best way to replenish all the nutrients we've lost daily. 
It's also very good for digestion too! 

Plus point: Wifi available and ample of sockets. 

Ideal place to work / chill out. 

Drink Raw, 
Live long! 
(So that you can eat more! ) 

Juice D' Fruitz
D-03-G Persiaran Wawasan 
SetiaWalk, 47160 
(Towards TGV Cinema direction)

+603 8091 3754

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  1. Haha I never let my kids drink cold pressed juice... eat fruits better la... :P (cheapskate mummy).

  2. Put an onsen egg on top of the Smoke Salmon will leave more than a lasting impression...hahahahaha :P


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