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Breakfast in VCR@ Jalan Galloway, Pudu, KL.

I hardly come across cafe that I am still not sick of visiting.

Maybe it was their indie pop/sentimental playlist that attracts me, maybe it was because of the amicable baristas, maybe it was for the love of coffee, or perhaps the mouth-watering, hearty food? 
The 100mbps unifi speed nor the more-than-enough socket in VCR should not be excluded too. 
Everything just fits so perfectly in VCR, to me. 

Be it to drop by for a meal, to pass time, or to surf the internet, VCR caters it all. 
I've visited VCR more than 10 times in the past few months and documented it all on my instagram during each visit. 

Enjoy eyeing on my breakfast. 

French Toast. RM18

This particular french toast should win an award - maybe King of French Toast or something...?
Perfectly executed eggy french toast served with berries compote,mocha sauce, espresso ice cream, chocolate biscuit 'sand' and pumpkin seed.
Was never a big fan of french toast until I came across this. 

Fruit Granola.  RM16

Muesli and granola, paired with lot of fresh cut fruits such as kiwi, rock melon, orange, pomegranate, grapes and chia seed, served with peach infused milk plus a dollop of yogurt. 
Love their peach infused milk as it was something very very very special to me, something that I never had before. 

Potato Waffle. RM20

If you are looking for a substantial breakfast, this will be an ideal choice. 
VCR is never stingy with their ingredients. Heaps of mushrooms, chervil , perfectly poached egg and yummy waffle made of potatoes and flour. 


Comet. RM18

A specially curated Christmas dessert , of chiffon cake and white chocolate mousse, beautifully dotted with emerald green mint gel and Ruby Red current. (No longer available) 

Turkish Baked Eggs. RM

Two slice of sour dough bread, two perfectly baked eggs, chick peas, spinach and some tomato relish. Marvelous. 

Big Breakfast. RM32

A perfect meal to start the day as it is packed with all the macro and micronutrients. 
VCR's Big Breakfast easily fill up 2 small eaters. 

Not to forget to order a cup of joe whenever you swing by. 
If you are unsure what beans to have, #askthebarista , they'd happily recommend you according to your preference. 

2, Jalan Galloway,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel : 
03-2110 2330
Open Everyday

Facebook : VCR Cafe

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  1. Hehe looks like you are a regular here, judging from the many different meals u had here :)

    1. YES! I frequent VCR .. it's my latest hangout place. ;P

  2. I'd go for the Big Breakfast!!! Slurpssssss!!!!!

  3. Wow! Their breakfast looks good. Haven't been to vcr since we last went. Didn't know they serve such lovely breakfast. Hah! This is when you get the #bojio thingy from me. 😤

    1. aiyoooo! When are you free? I always come early in the morning

  4. Their Big Breakfast, Potato Waffle and Turkish Baked Eggs looks fabs...look like a revisit is warranted! =)

    1. YES YES . Please indulge yourself with their French toast, I'd eat that for a year.


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