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Dinner @ Maison Francaise, Jalan Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur

Last week, I had the pleasure to have dinner with these two beautiful ladies, Umei and Anna
Mei initiated this dinner date two months ago, but we were both busy, hence the long overdue dinner, and a plus one companion too! 

If you haven't already know, Brittany-born  chef Thierry Le Baut has replaced Chef Franck Lamache as the head chef in Maison Francaise last two months. Chef Thierry's cooking can be described as simple yet exquisite, he is always searching for the freshest ingredients available in the local market and jazz it up with a French twist. 

For the amused bouche,  we had fresh oyster, cucumber jelly, and oyster jus.

The oyster is sweet and briny; I like how chef make use of my favourite emerald green to make the cucumber jelly colour 'pop'. This simplistic dish was deeply satisfying.

Saumon fumé par nos soins, tartare de betterave, 
tuile à l’ orange et crème à la moutarde de meaux

Homemade Salmon, Beetroot Tartare, Orange and Meaux Mustard Tuile
Beetroot tartare is mixed with diced apple, crunchy and refreshing.

This is one of the best salmon dish I have tried all year regardless of where I've been to. The in-house smoked salmon was sliced delicately thin and saltiness is definitely on the lower side. 
Not just that, the beetroot tartare is wonderfully done too, with crunchy diced apple camouflaging in ruby red colour, each mouthful were utterly refreshing. Oh! Not to forget the wafer thin Tuilé! 
Albeit it was a little too sweet for me, but the cream mustard filling manage to pull down the cloyingness of the orange Tuile. This dish totally rocked my socks. 

Le filet de acbillaud d’Alaska, risotto a I’ encre de seiche et coulis de piquillo
Baked Alaska black cod fish with black risotto and piquillo sauce(bell pepper)

A perfectly baked piece of Black Cod.  Glorious. Light and fresh, rich and buttery at the same time too. 
The top surface of the cod is crispy, and the inner flesh remains moist and flaky. The natural sweetness and the tenderness of the cod alone is already a winner, but the sweet-and-savoury bell pepper sauce and risotto makes it even better. The colour contrast of red and black is visually delicious too. 

I relished this dish as much as the previous two dishes. Really, really loved it. ;')
My only complain was that they may have given more of the crispy puff pastry though.  

La tarte aux pommes, crémeux de safran, moelleux de chocolat, sorbet aux pomme 
Apple tart, creamy safron sabayon, chocolate mousse, apple sorbet. 

Though the dessert was nothing extraordinary, but it certainly made my night.
I like how chef play with the apple ingredient in creating the dessert. 
The sorbet melts in the mouth, then the scent lingers on the palate, it was indeed an invigorating dessert; The calorific apple tart and creamy safron sabayon was lip-smacking good too. 

Despite it being a Wednesday night, Maison was packed! It's no surprise to me: Mei told me that Sainy ( the owner of Maison Francaise) change the decor once in every few months to keep up the fresh look; which is casually bold and inviting, with a veil of Christmas atmosphere as this is the month of December. It was not my first time here and I found the food was overall quite top notch, and needless to say, yummy-licious. 
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5 Jalan Changkat Kia Peng 
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

03 21441474

Monday to Sunday: 
11.00am - 11.30pm (last order)

High Tea only on Weekends only
Sat & Sunday :2pm -5pm.

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  1. What a fab time we had that night. Must do it again soon. Great write up and shot babe.. as always!

  2. I'm sure Maison has the something special that keeps the diners returning often. ^^


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