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The Big Group dining experience


If you updated yourself on all three previous posts in my blog, you will understand how great I was being treated by The Big Group in the beginning month of November. 

Here's a recap:
First it was in Beast Intermark, where I was being treated like a VIP and was very well fed with an extravagant meal accompanied by a surprise performance by two dancers in the midst of devouring our meal; 

Then I was in Ben's Baked Shop, being treated like a kid as The Big Group showered us (guests) with beautiful door gifts and prepared lots of fun activities as well as a plethora of sugary treats for us. 
We also had the chance to decorate our own big ass cookie using the icing provided and we actually uglify ourselves by wearing wig, here. ;')
Nonetheless, it was really, really fun to be with them! 

Last, but not least - The Christmas Cirque! (Where I was caught eating icing sugar while decorating my own Ginger Bread House.)
I also received my fav door gift here, which is a Bowerhaus Handmade Jewellery. (You can see me wearing it on my left wrist, it's a Baroque Pearl Bracelet, and I love it immensely!)

Glancing back, all three events happened in the first week of November , and now it's already end of the month?! Time passes like a bolt of lightning don't you think so?

I have always thought of Christmas as a good time; a kind, forgiving, generous, pleasant time; a time when men and women seem to open their hearts freely, and so I say, God bless Christmas!

Once again, heap thanks to The Big Group for organising such amazing, fun-filled and a none-like other preview events, I truly enjoyed it. 

For more photos, you can check out Big Group's Facebook album: here .

And to all my readers, I'll be slowing down on blogging this year end, but do stay close with me by following me on Instagram, okay?;) 
Love you guys much. XO.

Instagram: @EuniceEunny

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  1. Love your last photo MUCH! Wa wa I also wan Bowerhaus bracelet... hehe :P


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