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Kazoku-Ai Teppanyaki Kitchen @3rd Mile Square, Old Klang Road.

The Kazoku-Ai literally means "family love" in Japanese. The owner has named his restaurant according to his strong belief in a united family. If you look close enough to the interior,you can easily notice that the ceiling and walls are adorned with goldfish, which swims in a school and they are all swimming towards the hindmost wall , which resembles a red mudan flower(Peonies).
Peonies embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage.

It does not take long for you to realise black, red and gold are the theme here, the three colours are filled in every corner of this place. The sophisticate pendant light also gives a touch of elegance on the interior. 

 Salad with Fried Burdick RM12

Nutrient-packed, crunchy and colourful veg paired with appetising vinaigrette dressing.

Teppanyaki Chicken RM25

Such calorific teppanyaki is made up of skinless, succulent chicken thigh and deep-fried till crispy chicken skin. The chicken meat was lightly seasoned with salt and black pepper, and they tasted absolutely juicy and flavorful; The deep-fried till golden chicken skin.Was. Self-explanatory. 

Ebi Tempura (6 pcs) RM33

Only Tiger Prawns are used for their Tempura. Just pause for a moment and take a look at that four-inch-long tempura. 
Glorious crunch in each mouthful. If you prefer to try a variety of tempura, try their Tempura Moriawase RM28 (No photo), which consist a variety of deep-fry vegetables.

It is advisable to eat the tempura while it's still hot and fresh. Hot dip it in the tentsuyu (A Japanese mixed sauce with grated white radish) , allow it to soak up the flavour of the sauce and stuff it into your mouth.

 Kaisen Okonomiyaki RM16

Kaizen means the practice of continuous improvement; 
The word okonomi, means "what you like" or "what you want", and yaki means "grilled" or "cooked". All in all, Kaisen Okonomiyaki simply carries the meaning of Japanese pancake that is made with whatever best ingredients that is available then pan-grilled it and topped with generous amount of shredded bonito and mayonnaise. This tower of pancake is best order as a sharing plate.

The motto of Kazoku-Ai is 'Eat, Drink and Enjoy the Show' - The 
eat and drink part is inevitable - you gobble and guzzle; The show , however is something sporadic. (Very) Fortunately, you get to witness it here in this post. I've risked my life to take this fiery shot, and upload to right in front of your lens. 

What's on the teppanyaki grill pan ? You asked. 
Keep scrolling.

Wagyu Tenderloin 150g RM110.

The chef continued to wow us with his extravagant dishes- Medium well Wagyu tenderloin serve with chunky wasabi. Yes, you got me right, an unusual form of eating wasabi, cubed instead of the apple-green-colour paste you can get ubiquitously in every Japanese restaurant. 

The mouthfeel of the cubed wasabi is something akin to aloe chunks; It's hot but it does not have a lingering, burning aftertaste. It tasted a lot more smoother, cleaner and more 'plant-like' than the common wasabi paste. An experience I never had previously, and I devoured this with great pleasure. 

Teppenyaki Assorted Mushrooms RM26

Simple yet exceedingly pleasurable. It's hard to believe, but the slightest charred of the Shiitake mushroom carries so much flavour ... The finely chopped spring onions and golden fried garlic keeps me begging for more, too. 

Garlic Fried Rice RM10

For the carbs lover. 

Chef's Special - RM58 

Chef continues to spoil us with his creation - Gindara, better known as Cod, Mackerel and Foie Gras Tower.  All three meats are seared to perfection, drizzle with warishita (if I'm not mistaken), which is a Japanese sauce consisting of salt sugar and soy sauce. Lip-smacking good. 


  Sashimi Salmon RM26

At least an inch thick slab of FRESH salmon. Orgasmic in the mouth. No elaboration needed.

Teppanyaki Oysters RM28
Teppanyaki King Salmon RM23

Teppanyaki Scallops RM40 

If you don't fancy raw seafood, alternatives are available too. 
Try their fresh and plumpy oyster and teriyaki salmon with a squeeze of lemon , both are equally fresh and nothing but scrumptious.

The scallops are superbly fresh, too. 
Succulent, bouncy and all other thesaurus you can find in the dictionary. Behold, beautiful scallop. 
*stares at the dripping essence*

Kazoku-Ai Teppanyaki @

3rd Mile Square

Jalan Klang Lama 
Kuala Lumpur 

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  1. Now where have I seen this place before? Somebody must have blogged about it. The food looks stunning and that fire! Awesome!!! Wouldn't know which to choose, all look so good.

  2. Wow that fire shot.. so awesome!

  3. Oi...bila u pergi ar? Anyways nice shots of their offerings :P

  4. Walao, the Okonomiyaki! <3 That's my favorite! =)


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