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The experiment: Burger Macaron.

It has been a long while I do a proper food photo-shooting session. I've fallen in love with food photography since two years ago (and I'm still in love with it). 
It all started out with Pinterest, whereby you get to 'pin' anything you found interesting on the web an simply pin it on your own virtual 'board'. I got so obsessed browsing all the food styling images that I stumbled on pinterest and I thought to myself, I want to do that too. 

A thought will forever stay as a thought if you do not 'work' it out, execution, is the word. 
I am so glad that I've met a friend who share common interest with me - Food. We talk about food all day long. My friend and I embrace things that are out of the ordinary, hence the wild idea - Burger Macaron. 

The macaron was undeniably sweet, but pleasant, and it pairs well with the sharp cheddar, tomato, lettuce and Rosemary grilled chicken, the overall combination was peculiarly delicious if I must say. 

Macaron can be ordered from The Ship Patisserie, an online bakery specialised on Macaron.

Macarons by The Ship Patisserie.
Find them on Instagram : @TheShipPatisserie

Styling & Photograph by me. 
Instagram: @EuniceEunny

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  1. What an interesting creation! This should definitely be sold in a restaurant somewhere!

  2. The burger looks really good and yes, your photos are awesome, definitely 1st class!

  3. Love your food styling. Gorgeous pics!


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