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Strangers at 47 @Petaling Jaya

Opened less than half a year, this place is getting more fame for its crepes. 
The interior was adorned with probably the simplest contemporary layout:- black pendant lamp and polished-cement wall and kitchen bar.  

Matcha Latte. RM10

Rich and potent Matcha flavor can be detected easily by the palate. Certainly one of the best Matcha that I've tasted thus far. I also ordered Iced Long Black which I didn't took any photo because I simply do not want to post it here. Coffee was mediocre, though. 

Not Your Local Beef savoury crepe. RM24

Savory Crepe, char-grilled Australian Sirloin Steak, Olives, breaded onion rings, sour cream mayo slaw, tomato relish .
We had the steak done medium-well. 
I am not impress with this and I think it is better to put it this way by saying I am not a steak person. 

'A Hen's Crush' (RM17)

If this is named 'Hen's Crush', I must be that hen. 
Chilli-flaked crepe, pan-seared chicken, golden hash brown, capsicum &citrus cucumber onion salad, I found every morsel in this particular dish fantastic, including the most unpretentious homemade  spicy-tangy sauce. Chicken were perfectly grilled, still moist and tender, crunchy hash brown, eggy crepe, wafer thin cucumber .... superbly appetising. 

Shore To Please (Rm 21.5)

Savoury crepe filled with cajun tiger prawns, battered squid, spinach, caramelised onion, roasted cherry tomato and salted egg yolk. 

''Lo and behold, the aesthetic beauty of this dish;
Salted egg yolk, prawns and squid, 
with a touch of wafer thin radish, 
mellow down by the wilted spinach. 
A dish that no one can resist, it has to be this Shore To Please. '' - Eunice Lim

Lethal Shrooms (Rm 19.5)

There was a shroom party going on underneath the eggy-thin herbed crepe. 
Portobello, shimeji, baby king oyster mushrooms, spinach, caramelised onions,and tomato relish. 

I couldn't find a way to stop shovelling this into my mouth. The combination of this particular dish was simply amazing. Couldn't help but mopped up the balsamic reduction sauce that was drizzled all over the plate with the crepe... The wobbly soft poached egg simply took my heart away. 

Purple Rage. RM9  

Japanese sweet potato, coconut sago &pandan-infused gula melaka. 
Loving the colour of this dessert so much, this dessert taste best when they are being shared. 

Red Riding Hood (RM11)
Sweet red velvet crepe with espresso cream cheese, crushed coffee bits, raspberry coulis and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream!
The description is self-explanatory, you either love it or hate it. 
(I personally do not like rich, fat, creamy dessert as I find it very cloying). 

Will definitely come back for their savory crepes. 

Strangers at Forty 7
47, Jalan 17/45,
Section 17,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

011-1669 5707

Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 3pm to 10pm
Weekends: 11am to 10pm

Closed Tuesdays. 

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