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Signature by The Hill @The Roof, 1st Avenue , Bandar Utama

As an asian, we have rice for almost every meal that we often take it for granted. But to be in a rice-producing country , we have to be reminded of the extent to which life in much of this part of the world revolves around these little bits of starch.

Courtesy of Jasmine Rice Brand Company,
I was invited to try an exclusive 8- course-menu here in Signature, and my perspective of the mundane aspect of eating white rice has changed. 
It was nothing ordinary by twisting the existing dishes on menu by incorporating Jasmine Basmathi Rice by The Roof's chef.

It has been less than a year since The Roof opened in Bandar Utama 1st Avenue Building. Under the roof, there are 5 distinct outlets namely Malt &Leaf (Whiskey &Cigar Lounge) , PLAY (Designer Dance Club), SCORE (Ultimate Sports Bar), Stratosphere (Helipad Champagne Bar, Asia first and only green grass helipad) and also Signature(Gastro Lounge). 

Among them, Signature by The Roof 
is definitely one of the many posh restaurant that will come across your mind if you are thinking of celebrating any special occasion.

Signature by The Roof, is a contemporary dining restaurant which serve an extensive of fine dishes under the enchanting roof, this place, I believe is especially designed to cater to those who appreciates quality life. 

 Signature by The Roof has a stunning interior with lots of wood element décor,  floor-to-ceiling glass windows which allow ample natural lights to pour in. Definitely one of those restaurants that will make your jaw drop.

 Gambretti Del Plancha

 Mushroom Stuffed with Basmati Ragout

First came the amuse bouche, both was served on a Chinese clay soup spoon. The Jasmine rice that used to make the Gambretti Del Plancha was precisely cooked, each grain was well separated with one another, fluffy without being too starchy, topped with prawn coated with sweet chilli gravy, with tolerable spiciness; The de-stem portobello mushroom stuffed with Jasmine Rice ragout was delish too. The Jasmine rice was moist and it has a texture close to risotto. A mouthful of these has a refreshing, round up flavour to the palate. 

Giant Boom Meatball

Next came the bomb. The meatball bomb is as huge as a basketball! Nah, I was just kidding. It would be too underrated if I compare it with my fist, but I think it was close to my palm. 

The meatball consist of a hard-boiled egg, encapsulated with a layer of Jasmine rice which I believed is cooked using a substantial amount of butter, and lastly wrapped with minced beef. This can easily feed up to four small-eaters. Instead of using pasta, Jasmine rice was being used in this particular dish. The rice was covered fully with tomato sauce, with a crunch of green pepper and onions every here and there, plus a subtle flavour that was contributed from the curry spices.

Lamb Shank with Basmati Mushroom Rissotto

My favourite dish of the night has to be this. The lamb was fall-of-the-bone tender, needless to say it was very well marinated and seasoned too; The mushroom Risotto, made using Jasmine Rice was fantastic as well. Starchy, rich, bursting of flavours, juicy button mushroom.... all in all, this is one mind-blowing dish that I adore much. I was tempted to have this all on my own but I know I had to save some space for dessert. 

Teriyaki infused Meat with Sour Basmati Rice

On the left side, was the Jasmine White Rice daringly cooked with white chocolate. Yes, you got me right, pearl white chocolate. This is one of the dish that is able to confused the mind and the palate at the first tasting note.  
A very playful side dish I would say. 

The strip steak behaves better I would say. It was done medium rare, which you can see there is still a sweet purple-red, rosy-to-pink from there outwards and crusty-cremated on the outer surface. It has a relatively tender texture and good amount of marbling, moisture and flavour. 

And the carb-laden dinner did not just stop there.

 Basmati infused Crème Brulee

 Basmati Banana Wrap

Basmati Rice Pudding

After trying all of the three desserts above, I came to a conclusion that Signature serve 
nothing short of amazing desserts.
The extremely creamy and sinful creme brulee pairs well with the Jasmine rice 
at the bottom; A very local-inspired basmati rice banana wrap match with colourful fruits and 
cookie crumbs; Basmati rice pudding with vanilla ice cream (at the bottom) . 

Each dessert is made using Jasmine Rice as one of their ingredients and each did not disappoint - 
Pleasurably sweet, palatable, not cloying, lots of texture and colours. All the 8 dishes that was specially created by The Roof's Chef had completed my night.

Signature by The Roof
Lunch Opening Hours:

11:30AM – 2:30PM 

(Monday – Friday)

Dinner Opening Hours:

5:00PM – 2:00AM 

(Monday – Sunday)

Reservations : 
+6016-2291 505 


The Roof
Sky Level,
First Avenue,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7729 1628



GPS Coordinates: 
N 3 08.815, E 101 36.970

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