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JuicePresso by Coway


Coway has launch Juicepresso recently and it is all about the perfect the combination of innovative technology and advanced engineering to meet the needs of the global health-conscious consumers with world class design products. 

Last week, I attended The Coway JuicePresso Premium Slow Juicer roadshow that was being held in Avenue K. 

A striking red truck was parked in front of AK's main entrance and they were giving out free juice made by using the JuicePresso .

JuicePresso Premium Slow Juicer features:
Uses Smart Extraction System Technology (SEST) – Provides higher yields and live, nutritious juice; retains nutrient value up to 72+ hours
Fun to use – Create juice made from vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, even wheatgrass and soybeans! Formulate your own home-made ice cream and yogurt.
Dual-Stage Juicing – Juice is extracted through the first crushing stage and before the pulp is ejected, it is then squeezed during the second pressing stage; resulting in more juice, and extremely dry pulp.
Low Noise Operation
• Quick and Easy Cleaning!

Unlike a typical masticating juicer or blender that grinds or rips apart fruits or vegetables, Coway slow juicer gently presses juice out, often yielding up to twice more juice and delivering up to four times more vitamins, minerals and enzymes. And by minimising friction and heat, Juicepresso delivers live nutrition and preserves flavour and colour. The juicer is also characterized by low operation noise and very easy to clean.

The detached part of the JuicePresso. 

The friendly Coway staff on stand-by mode, ever-ready to assist you with any question regarding the JuicePresso.

All in all, Coway Juicepresso delivers low speed juicing for maximum nutrition and taste. The unique Smart Extraction System of this slow juicer gently extract all nutrients, minerals and vitamins, and preserves flavour from fruits and vegetables. With Juicepresso, you simply get the most nutritious juice.

If you are really considering to get yourself one, 
You can watch the youtube here to have a clearer picture on how it works.

Coway Juicepresso Slow Juicer is selling at RM1,500 per unit and early birds get 10% discount when they visit Coway Juicepresso Truck roadshow, which is only RM1350. Better be quick than sorry.  :P

I don't see why the sleek, red and petite-sized JuicePresso should not be in your kitchen collection list. Grab it now while the promotion is still running!

For more information about Coway Juicepresso Slow Juicer, please visit Coway Malaysia Facebook Page:
Coway Malaysia Website:

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  1. nice sharing, unfortunately it is way too expensive for me to go~ anyways, i just started a new food blog at ~ hehe

    (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  2. Woah did it just separate the pulp and juice, which we would usually have to stop and clean the juicer once it's full? Amazing!

  3. So beautiful and no wonder my girl also wanted me to have it..ahahha.


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