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Hit & Mrs Lunch Menu@ Lorong Kurau, Bangsar


Hit &Mrs unveiled its spanking new weekday lunch menu on 27th May 2014. 
Through the Prix Fixe Lunch, guests will embark on a mid-day gastronomic ride brimming with whimsical creations, personally crafted by chefs Keith and Edmund, who are notorious for employing avant-garde cooking techniques using the freshest ingredients.

The restaurant seats around 30-40 guests comfortably and with an open kitchen concept.

*A peek through the open kitchen*

My small plate was the Braised Duck Leg that comes with onion confit and potato espuma.

The strands of muscle fibrils of the duck meat literally melted in my mouth, rendering sweet and flavourful aftertaste. (The sweet flavour comes from the caramelised onion I supposed.)
The potato espuma was made using the modernist cooking method that results in the airy texture and smooth mouthfeel, I like how the unadulterated flavor of the potato was attained despite it was slightly overshadowed by the milky-based cream. 

If you prefer a lighter appetiser, you can opt for Beetroot Confit Salad which comes with 
Orange, Pickled Onion, Pink Radish, Wild Rocket and Balsamic dressing. The salad definitely looks wonderfully 
refreshing and bright. 

Big Plates

The lunch affair then continues with our mains :
I've opted Pan seared Barramundi 
with fava beans, petit pois and bacon ragout together with lotus root chips.

The crispy skin and perfectly cooked texture of the Barramundi was enough for me to enjoy the dish, the addition of the contrasting colour of the remaining ingredients was an intriguing one. 

Scattered around the side to complete the work of art was bits of bacon and tiny cubes of tomatoes just to break things up a little. It really needs to be tasted to be appreciated, everything from the peas to the sauces and to the fish works so well together.

Dislike fish?
You can also choose their Roasted Farm Chicken Breast accompanied by sautéed daylily and silky polenta.

If you feel like being a vegan, try their Mushroom Risotto.
(shimeiji, enoki, button mushroom, pine nuts, and shaved parmesan cheese)

My choice of dessert was the
Raspberry Granite with fragrant vanilla chantilly and crackly almond crumble.

I absolutely adored this dessert – the granita was mind-blowingly fantastic. It was incredibly refreshing and delicate,
the Raspberry flavour melded delightfully with the creamy chantilly.
I liked how this dish finished off the two-course lunch on a light note.

There are few more options such as :

Passion Fruit
Marshamallow, green mango salad, coconut sorbet. 

-Green Tea Mousse
served with adzuki beans and Black Sesame Ice Cream.

 Though I didn't get to try both green tea and passion fruit , but I was in awe of how beautiful it looked on the plate, with it’s vibrant colours and contrasting textures. 

Hit&Mrs is a fantastic, beautifully decorated restaurant that has friendly wait staff and fabulous food. It was, naturally, nothing short of amazing!
Flirt with the two-course lunch for RM45 (Excluding dessert)
or take it all the way with three courses for RM55 .

Available on weekdays beginning 27th May 2014.
For more photos, you can visit my Facebook Album : here

Hit &Mrs

15 &15A Lorong Kurau
Taman Weng Lock
59000 Kuala Lumpur

T : +603 2282 3571

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  1. Such beautiful, inspiring shots. Love them all! The lunch looks really delicious indeed.

    1. ♡ Thank u dear.
      Let me know how do u think about the lunch promo once uve tried it ya.. &^

  2. Lovely shots as usual...bila u jadi so atas ar? :P

  3. Love the name. Clever play with the English phrase, hits & misses.


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