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The Little Hoof@ Bandar Puteri, Puchong.

The Little Hoof has been in the neighbourhood for quite a few months.
Judging by its name, I already know that it is definitely not a halal restaurant. 
I grew up in Puchong, stayed in Puchong for almost 20 years, but still, I always have problems when it comes to the question ''Where to eat?''. 
Since there are too many to choose from, we decided to try restaurants that we have not try before.

The first impression of Little Hoof was pleasant. Lots of frames and
food related quotes were use to embellish the interior. 

 Mushroom Soup with Bacon. RM9

Mushroom soup tasted alright, but not superb. 
Love the bacon bits though. 
 Kid's Burger . RM11

Burger tasted okay, lots of herbs. It was nothing but ordinary.
The food gets worse as you continue to scroll. 

 Meat Platter. RM50

Consist of Lamb Chop, Pork Chop and Beef Steak.
The lamb chop had a super strong assertive lamb flavour which I do not like it at all , needless to say it was gamey too; The Beef steak - tough and unflavoured , a big let down; the pork chop was overall the tastiest one on the plate but still, unimpressive. 

 No doubt it was well presented but it all tasted otherwise. 
Except the fries. and the peas. and the greens. 

Seared Fish in garlic buttercream. RM26

Forgot what type of fish was this called. Another huge disappointment. 
I had never tasted such unappetising fish before. The meat was exceptionally rough and tough, it was like chewing sticks, I couldn't even swallow it. I bet they use frozen fish, but it is even worse than Dory. Dory could taste 100x better than this. 
My family and I really had a bad dining experience here and we don't think we will step foot again in this restaurant. 

The Little Hoof

Jalan Persiaran Puteri 1, 
Bandar Puteri Puchong. 
Same row as Bumbu Bali.
Open for lunch & dinner. 

Tel: 03-8066-6626

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  1. Food looks great.

  2. Oh no, sorry to hear abt the bad experience. I bet you could cook 1000x better than that!!

  3. Uh uh...someone's a bit upset...tapi tak apa...let's go somewhere more satisfying lor...hehe =)

  4. amazing shots as always... but I really miss chinese food ! haha.. can u pls take some cool shots of chinese grub :P


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