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Epicuro@ Damansara Utama, PJ.


The restaurant itself is simple and bright, beautifully rendered in yellow hued, and adorned with yellow-themed furniture and paintings.  

Soup of The Day - Pumpkin Soup (RM 12.90)

It's very hard to put down the spoon once I've took a spoonful of this terrifically luscious and sweet pumpkin soup. It has a thick but light body which packed punch of pumpkin flavour. (Mmmm. My mouth waters as we speak, I am missing this already) 
Garnished with croutons, whipping cream and a sprinkle of herbs to jazz up the visual appearance. 

Walnut and Almond salad. RM14.90

They used olive oil and red wine vinaigrette as dressing for this particular salad. 
What I loved most will be the candied walnut that burst into sweet flavours and also the nutty flavour that comes from the almond flakes. 

Crafty Carbonara

The sauce's mild color may fool you into thinking it's a vapid sauce, but it's not. It's a vibrant mix of sautéed garlic, shallots (maybe a little), bacon and herbs then tempered with yolk. I like how the flavourful sauce clings onto the pasta without overpowering other ingredients. 

It may look a little too dry, but according to Yugin, this is how an authentic carbonara should be instead of drenching in white-creamy sauces that will eventually cloy.

Meet the 'slow poached egg'. 
Cooked precisely to the temperature where the yolk is about the same consistency as the white, In Epicuro, they will removed the egg element from the traditional carbonara sauce, and put it outside in the form of a slow poached egg. 

A  soft, gentle prick of the fork punctured the yolk, and there you go, you found your fountain of joy. 
Chopped parsley was also added to cut down on the richness from the bacon bits. 

Conchiglie in spinach cream (RM 19.90)

Yugin did a lot of researches and studies about how food pairing works. 
He studied that certain food has to pair with another in order to complement or enhance the taste of the dish. He opted Conchiglie because the shape of the pasta was able to encapsulate the flavour of all the elements in the plate. 
He also did some research on what goes well with spinach - bacon; and what will elevate the scrumptiousness of both elements will be sunflower seed. Hence you get the combination. There's huge theory behind it. 

I found that Epicuro is undeniably generous with their bacon.
You like that don't you? ;)
 *raise eyebrow* 

Pork Chop (RM 28.90)

Yugin is very particular with his food, he made sure everything is perfect before serving to his customers. The pork chop was extremely delectable. It was brine before cooking,
time and temperature was very well controlled, the cut itself was remarkable juicy and moist. The sauces was extraordinarily creamy, rich and addictive too. 

I do not usually exaggerate, but when I do, you will know it's worth it. 
Even the potatoes were good though it was minimally seasoned. 

Lamb shank . RM39.90

Glad tidings for all carnivore out there, Epicuro has plenty of meat to satiate your hunger.
Honestly, it is.
It was braised till perfectly tender, top with some light concoction made of vege broth to give this dish a balance.
Under the lamb shank was the cauliflower puree. The cauliflower puree was being prepared in a very conscientious way - Yugin has incorporated some of the molecular cooking methodology knowledge to create 'Maillard reaction' during the cooking period, hence the complexed yet delightful
flavour of the puree. 


I personally don't like using the word "addictive" to describe food, but I defy you to restrain yourself from picking at these things long past the point where you decide you're full. The cubed sponge cake buried beneath the cream was still semi-fluffy , some infused with rum. 
There's so much bliss in every single bite , yes, it is crazily good. 

I have come to a conclusion for Epicuro -Passionate and serious about food.
Starting from the first dish till the very end dessert, none disappoint. In fact, it all impressed.
I wasn't a fan of lamb, wasn't a fan of pasta, wasn't a fan of tiramisu but it all changed after I visited Epicuro and I do not see a reason why I shouldn't return for more great foods.

No. 20, Jalan SS21/35
Damansara Uptown
47400 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: 03-7733 3110

Business Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

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  1. Woot! Thanx for the heads up up up on the food...I got vouchers! :D

    1. Better use yr voucher before the place start to flood with people

  2. Oh my gosh! I'm drooling all over the runny egg of crafty carbonara already!
    Beautiful photos as always! :)

      Thanks dear.

  3. i feel like licking the soup spoon.. twice over :D so beautiful!

  4. Ooooo...lamb shank! I super-duper like! Fall-off-the-bone tender?

    1. Not up to that tender. Yet still chewable and consider in the 'tender range' :P


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