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Double Rainbow Waterfall @Sungai Lembing, Pahang

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The next morning, we woke up around 5am because the LingMing Tour Guide will be picking us up with his four-wheel drive and drive us to have our breakfast (yes, the same hawker centre in town). 

After that we will need an hour of adventurous drive plus another  30mins easy hiking trail to go to the Double Rainbow waterfall. A total 1 hr 30 minutes excursion from town. 

After going trough an hour of bumpy, rocky road , and splashing of muddy water,  jungle karaoke session, and 30 minutes hike , we have finally arrived!

Look at this majestic waterfall. 
It is a tall fall, and under normal conditions the water comes down as a spray. It is this spray which results in the famous rainbow, but only when the sun is still low.

By the time we reach here was around 9.30am. You will definitely see a rainbow, I repeat, 'a' rainbow, provided the weather is good and not stormy. 

 If you are lucky enough, by 10am-11am you will be able to see double rainbow (just on top of each other). It is really a beautiful and once in a lifetime experience. 

So go ahead and frolic in the chilly water. Go have fun. Splash your friends , drag them down and have fun together, life is too short to just watch people getting all the fun.

The best part after all, was the simple meal after all that.
The tour guide will be bringing along their equipments to cook for you. A simple meal though, just instant cup noodle and a cup of warm Milo.

(yes, they will fill the kettle using the water from the fall ;P) 
Just in case you are wondering why my cup noodle has tiny shrimps in it - No, I do not do free advertisement for Maggi. My friends and I were fortunate enough to have the best tour guide in Lembing town, he actually caught the shrimp for us, live from the still water underneath the slimy rock using a net, thus we had something extraordinary compared to the others. 

What's better than squatting on the rocks/ timber and slurp the tantalising noodle with a loud sound till it annoys your friend whilst both of you are having  a good time staring at the fall, soaking in the breeze? 
We are just good in taking little pleasure in life. 

All in all, I really had fun during my trip to Sungai Lembing staying in the ever amazing and unique Capsule Retreat  as well as my visit to the Double Rainbow waterfall. 

The access fee to Double Rainbow waterfall is RM40.
The package include:
- Shuttle service to and fro your home stay 
- A tour guide
- Instant cup noodle
- Hot Milo
- Laughter 
- Entertainer 

Just in case you want to know which tour guide that was with us during our trip,  you can contact:
Ah Teck
016 951 9339
019 944 6167

No. 157, Jeram Takar
26200 Sungai Lembing, 
Kuantan, Pahang. 

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  1. Wow great one! Did you go to Panorama Hill for that famous sea of clouds?

  2. this is the place where I want to go desperately!

  3. Thanks for sharing your journeys ... :D

  4. wow.. the rainbow is so so nice! I wish to be there too!
    will contact itu Ah Teck if we are going next time.


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