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Buns (Burger Bar) @Desa Sri Hartamas.

Even at the least complex level, a burger is a thing of beauty. Succulent protein, sometimes bolstered by the addition of cheese, sometimes left to marinate in its own glory, while two seedy buns encase this experiment for the ultimate feat of culinary perfection. A burger is beautiful just the way it is.

Opened just a month ago, Buns burger bar makes good use of simple paintings and bricks to decorate their walls. Steel chairs, wooden tables and the pendant lights that illuminate the entire space in the kitchen island provide a dash of warm colour. It also made up the contemporary look in café too. 

Chai Tea &Passion Fruit Tea - RM12 each

Garlic Prawns (RM18); Croquettes (RM9)

The garlic prawns were prettily assembled on a mini pan, the garlicky odour could be detected immediately after it arrived on our table. It was yummy, but ridiculously expensive, (if you divide by the numbers of prawns it's RM3 PER PRAWN!). Anyway, let's proceed to the croquettes.
Mozzarella &raspberries enclosed with thick battered and then deep fried, I found it rather bland and uninteresting, though the colour of the 'raspberry' mayo did stir me up a little. 

Sweet Potato Fries( RM6) ; Buffalo wings (RM11)

The sweet potato fries sounded a lil more healthier compared to the usual russet potato, seasoned with  the just right amount of salt. Personally I thought that it was kind of dry, but still,  it was still better than being too oily. 
The buffalo wings were coated evenly with kitchen-made hot sauce. It was extremely delectable, though the spicyness slowly creeps in and numbs the tongue and lips, I still pretty much enjoyed this. 

Gyutan - Ox Tongue RM12

A seemingly interesting dish, so does the texture. It reminded me of the Sauteed Iberico Pork Jowl in  Chestnut and Mushroom sauce I had in Ozeki last time.
The ox tongue was pan-fry till a slight charred surface was formed, it has an interesting mouthfeel that was relatively lean, but not tough, and a pleasantly alluring charred flavour that made my mouth waters. The thinly-sliced- pickled daikon radish was added to erase the sinfulness of the dish as well as to garnish it. 

Tempura corn (RM9) ; Lamb Meatball

The deep fried crispy tempura corn was another sinful dish that night, dusted with paprika to add a lil touch of spiciness and colour to it; The Lamb Meatballs was utterly scrumptious. I do not usually take lamb meat but this one was good. No assertive flavour of the lamb and it wasn't gamey at all. It was skilfully cooked which renders a tomatoey tang. A and spoonful of grated white radish was added to touch up the entire dish too. 

Sweet and Sour Deep Fried Squid;
Chicken Strips  (RM11) 

Both were my least favourite on the 'Nibble' menu. 
The sweet and sour squid was too sweet and does not taste sour; the outer coating was soggy and unappetising. The chicken strip was alright, but still it can be improved by improvising the batter and the condiment that goes with it. 

Scampi-dory. Rm17.

Consist of deep fried dory fish and prawns. 
The burgers has a clean tang of the seafood, everything that piles together did not disappoint, but it didn't awed me either. I would prefer more sauce to be added on my burger because it was a bit dry and difficult for me to swallow. Overall it was still a good burger. Fries were up to standard too. 

The Champ. RM 20
The bun was actually light and fluffy. The pliable bun and juiciness of the meat successfully captured my interest.
Not to mentioned they also did a very good job by #PuttingAnEgg on it too.  Look at the wobbly yolk that I was going to prick. 
There isn't abundance of seasoning in their patty but the clean beefy taste of this high-quality grind cuts through. The intense flavour of this quality beef is all I need. 

South East Asian. Rm17.

Next, the S.E.A was one of my fav that night. I absolutely love the lemongrass infused patty and the kerabu salad which has a hint of sourish taste definitely boost up my appetite (Pardon me, I just realised you couldn't see the kerabu from the angle I took).  The sambal mayo slathered on the inner surface of the upper bun literally hit on every spots of mine. It was an ultimate sensuous burger. 

Guac . RM19

Another favourite of mine - The Guac using 100% freshly ground Australian beef patty, house made guacamole, salsa and crispy onion rings on top. The patty was extraordinarily juicy; the rich flavour of the beef pairs well with creamy guac and the mound of crunchy iceberg lettuce as well as the  shaved sweet onion. It was absolutely delicious and unique. 

Chick. Rm16.

Not a fan of beef? No problem. Buns also offers basic chicken burger buns. The part of chicken they used was chicken thigh, which is my fave part. The chicken was beautifully charred and juicy. The grill has left mark on the exterior without damaging the cooking temperature on the interior. Overall it was tantalising , but nothing out-stand to be called a great burger. 

Here's the menu
Taken from Shannon's blog.

Gula Melaka Cempedak

Last but not least, we also denote a sweet ending by ordering their dessert.
It reminds me of Swich cafe located in Publika, which sells extraordinary local fruit cakes such as cempedak and mangosteen cakes. The cake wasn't achingly sweet, but it has no hint of cempedak taste, or maybe it was just me.

Special feature today - Shannon Chow 
check out her blog - here .

Buns certainly did a great job in designing their cafe. 
Although there's some hits and misses about the food here, their friendly services here will definitely make you feel at ease. 

Ground Floor,
No. 48 Jalan 27/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
Kuala Lumpur,

Phone Number:
50480 03-6211 8895

Business Hour:
12:00 pm - 11:00 pm


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  1. whao... why feature me! Didn't know you've blogged but we had similar comments ;)

  2. Cause you extended the invite to me mah! :D

  3. of all the dishes, only the ox tongue seems promising!

    1. Yeap. Your turn to try and blog about it! :D

  4. Got fear factor dish here ah..interesting.

  5. The SEA and the Guac are my favourites too...the Scampi-dory tat I had was good though =)

    1. Everything was good lar.. just not outstanding. Keke. . . Burger lab got new things on the menu! Jeng leh


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