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Black Market@ Kampung Pandan

There are a few 'atas' places in my list where I will only choose to go during special occasion. This round is a Birthday celebration for YT. She is very dear friend to me and we share similarities when it comes to food. We love exquisite dining. We enjoy good food. We laugh over small things. We hate college. She's one breast and I am another, and together we form 'breast friend'. Ok, the last sentence was a silly joke. ;P

So my other friends and I decided to bring her to Black Market because Black Market certainly scores high on its ambiance and interior design. Not to mention their food when I check them out from the website. 

We were being greeted and escorted to our seats right away after stepping foot into Black Market.
My first impression here was captivating. I was totally in love with the sombre mode here and it doesn't took me much time to quickly get into the mood. My muscle were loosen up, the perpetually tense body became calm and relaxing ,all of a sudden I felt alive again.  

 Lambrusco di modena- CIV and CIV - RM107.10

Since there's a reason to celebrate, we decided to splurge a little by ordering a bottle of wine, which I think it was quoted at a very reasonable price. The CIV and CIV tasted exceedingly smooth and pleasantly sweet. The wine was such a great companion that night, we were all lacking of self-control guzzling down the wine too quickly. 

Crackers was served while waiting for our food to arrive.

Anchovy Caesar Salad with Bacon and Jam. RM26

The first dish that arrived on the table was the salad. 
What came through my mind was - Where is my anchovy ? 
I peek through the bed of greens to make sure it wasn't there before I asked the friendly waiter. 
I doubled confirmed with him asking what's the name of the dish when he arrived to my table and he replied exactly what I ordered - Anchovy Salad with Bacon and Jam.

''But where is my anchovy ? and jam? '', I asked.
He pointed his thumb to the sauce. ''It's in the sauce'', he muttered . 
Ah, then I realised the name of the dish was delusive, I did even bothered to ask about the jam then. 

My friends were all complaining that there's too much capsicum in the salad, but for me, it was alright.  The sauce tasted a little fishy (pretty sure it was the anchovy) ; no trace of jam in it and it actually tasted somewhat like  thousand island to me. Hmm. Forgettable. 

Black Scallop Pasta. RM 36

Stir-fry spaghetti with mushrooms and garlic garnished with herbs. 
I especially love the perfectly 
grilled huge scallops that were added to adorned the black pasta. The only complaint was the pasta, which was not cooked al-dente and I found it relatively too soft. 

  Black Truffle Cod. RM68

This fantastic-looking cod weighed 200g and it was very well executed dish together with all the other ingredients. The cod was delectably fleshy and tender.
There's mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, yellow capsicum and a sprinkle of pine nuts in it. Lots of flavours and textures in this particular dish. A small dollop of black truffle were added to levitate scrumptiousness of the dish too. 

We all agreed unanimously that this was our favourite dish that night.

We also ordered a mushroom pizza -RM26

Mushroom, cheese and tomatoes arranged on a flat bread then baked to perfection.
I love the simple touch of coarsely chopped greens and a dash of vinaigrette added on the pizza. The sourish balsamic vinegar did actually helped me to feel less guilty after such heavy meal. 

Food. Wine. Endless laughter and conversation. 
I came to realise that sometimes, we need to slow down and enjoy life because it's not the scenery that you will miss by going to fast, you will also miss the sense of where you are going and why.  
I paused for a moment and smiled, because I was glad I have true friends, the ones that were with me tonight. 

It was quite a quiet night and our soft but clear chortle could be heard over the entire restaurant.
We mingle glee with gloom, cackled with shriek, and toasted to our friendship.

 Apple Cinnamon Chill Cheese Cake. RM13

Last but not least, we also had our desserts. It was not a superb cheesecake but it was a good one.
With a hint of cinnamon aroma and bits of apple chunks here and there. 
 Chocolate Lava Cake with Ice Cream. RM20

The night is filled with laughter and the occasional groan and guffaw.

Close friends contribute to our personal growth. They also contribute to our personal pleasure, making the music sound sweeter, the wine taste richer, the laughter ring louder because they are there.

Black Market
No.16 , Jalan Kampung Pandan,
55100, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +6017 - 321- 8686
03- 9284 8886

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  1. The Black Truffle Cod looks marvelous...but how come none of their signature pork dishes lar?...hehe :P

    1. Can't stomach them all. Next round next round

  2. Very the "atas", true and true...but I always believe that if the food is exceptionally good, the place is pleasant and so comfortable and the service is superb, then it's worth it...but of course, save such places for special occasions, when there's a reason to celebrate. Gotta pamper ourselves sometimes.

    1. Yes , Mr Arthur. Life is short, must know how to enjoy. . Haha!

  3. I once bought those promotional vouchers for this place, but it was expired when I remembered them again. xD Nice place btw~

    1. Asks. Such a waste dear but this place worth at least a visit la ya... ^^ wanna join me next round?


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