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B.A.D by Wood & Steel @Glomac Galleria, Desa Sri Hartamas

First cafe opened by Wood &Steel (read my previous post here :Wood &Steel) .

Visited this place after having dinner at Buns Burger Bar (Check the link here ), just a minute drive away from BAD.

Life without coffee is a life not lived hence, anytime is good for coffee.
The name 'B.A.D' is pretty catchy here, how 'bad' could a cup of coffee goes?(Unless it is burnt)
I'll let the pictures do the talking and leave you to judge how 'bad' this place really is. 

The soundbox here plays a Rock and Hip Hop playlist; 
Despite trendy and stylish, all furnitures here was made using wood and steel , which explained why it is non-sound absorbent. The music echoes can be quite loud at times. 

(If I were to choose, I'd rather go for jazz or indie pop)
Anyway, let us not filter the love of enjoying a cup of coffee based on the disdain it may invoke in others. 

Drinks Menu

Ristretto- RM6
Flat White - RM10
Cappucino - RM10
Latte - RM10
Piccolo - RM8
Macchiato - RM8
Mocha - RM 12
Hot Chocolate Macchiato - RM10

Cakes are available here too.

B.A.D (Cafe ) by Wood &Steel


Glomac Galleria, 
Galleria Hartamas, 
Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
(Facing Main Road)

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  1. Panda stencil! <3

    I think I'll definitely leave the cafe with a headache because of the obstreperous music, but the coffee should be able to compensate for it. ^^

    1. U love coffee too? Maybe you should come here during day time. . I think it would be more relaxing and suitable to listen to those genre. XP

  2. Interesting concept. Nice interior decor, very elaborate and artistic. Nice. I wonder if those chairs and stools can stand my weight though.

  3. So nice yer photos..... like like like!


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