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PCLO @Modvier Boutique, Bangsar

There is two cafes that are exceptionally out-of-the way, modesty unobtrusive and discreet,namely PCLO & Monkey Garage.  
PCLO (read as Piccolo) is an alfresco cafe simply prettify with bricks and burnish with sunlight. 

The filmy white shades diffuse sunlight through the sitting area, 
pearl of sweat begin to form on my forehead and I was uncomfortably sweating. 

In spite of that, there was actually a weird pleasure enjoying coffee in such hot weather. ( The standing fan however did ease me a little. )
This place is definitely for those who enjoy sipping on coffee whilst sun-bathing at the same time.  

Directions: Turn left before Petronas station in Bangsar and the boutique is situated on the right hand side at the end of the road. 
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No. 6, Modvier Boutique
Jalan Riong
Bangsar, KL

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  1. beautiful photos, you've really captured the feel of this place :D

  2. great photography as always...! I wish i was more into coffee:D


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