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Moving Comfort for Neubodi- New Active Range

Working out can be dull for many reasons. The thought of having to take the first step to finish the many sets of my workout or withstand punishing minutes on the treadmill as your muscles are all loose and relax when you sit down on the couch to unwind can be very unpleasing. Hence, having the right motivation to get up and face your workout is important.

Many people turn to all sorts of motivational source to get them up on their feet to exercise from wearing clothes engraved with popular brands to high priced shoes promising better performance. Some brands are just tools for temporary motivation as they project their empowering logo on their sporting goods but they lack idealistic traits.

Neubodi has distant themselves from this typical mediocrity and instead designed their sports bra as not only an empowering brand but also a functional one. When I mention functional, I mean it entirely gets the job done for me.

In my opinion, I think Neubodi is an ideal and comfortable sports bra. Previous sports bra has caused chafing and uneasiness during my workout sessions but with Neubodi I managed to prolong my work out without any problems while not having to feel rigid, restricted or limited when working out. It is the appropriate equipment for my workout just like having a sharpened knife instead of a blunted one to thoroughly cut my fruits. An added bonus is that it also functions to keep me feeling comfortable and fresh as the Neubodi bra absorbs sweat from my body when I workout intensively. 

I also got a knee-length pants from the Neubodi Active Haute Slim collection, a collection that's designed to fit and slim your entire waist, hips, buttocks and thighs. 
It is a reversible pants so that you can wear it in both sides (either purple or black), how thoughtful of them! 
The special neoprene heat tech material also promises to make your workout session to be more effective as it is specifically made with a type of fabric that insulates and uses our body's temperature to facilitate fat burn. Both their sports bra and pants comfortably compresses to fit my body instead of being crushingly uncomfortable.

Gearing up with Neubodi is bound to make anyone feel motivated and up on their feet, ready to workout. Comfort, functional and branded are what defines Neubodi’s products. Luxury has never been the same before when it comes to Neubodi.

Moving Comfort for Neubodi Active, 28 Days Challenge, Moving Comfort for Neubodi Active Sports Bra, Neubodi Active Haute Slim Pants, Neubodi 28 Days Challenge, Fitness

Moving Comfort for Neubodi Active, 28 Days Challenge, Moving Comfort for Neubodi Active Sports Bra, Neubodi Active Haute Slim Capri, Neubodi 28 Days Challenge, Fitness

Neubodi Moving Comfort is the sister company of Brooks sportswear, solely focusing on women's sports bra on the right fit and the right support for women. 

*The Moving Comfort for Neubodi Active collection ranges from RM149 - RM179 only.
Now already available in store at Neubodi Bangsar Village II, Empire Shopping Gallery ; 1 Utama Shopping Centre! :)

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