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Gyi-Tang Hong Kong Dim Sum Steamboat @USJ, Taipan.

Waking up in the morning had never been better when you know that your breakfast is already waiting for you. The classic Hong Kong breakfast will never go wrong if you always find it hard to decide what to eat. . .

Siew Mai - RM4.50
Shrimp Dumpling with Scallop RM4.80

For the price you are paying for, and you can still get yourself a relatively good quality of dim sum, I must say this is really worthy. 

Chives Dumpling with X.O. Sauce RM6.00

The highlight of the day would be the Chives Dumpling. 
I enjoyed much sinking my teeth into it. I love the chopped chives that was encapsulated in the translucent and glutinous skin when they are still steaming hot. 
Something 'lighter' compare to the usual har gao and siu mai because it was just plain greens. 

Steam Spare Rib with Taro RM4.50; 
Phoenix Claw (Chicken Feet) RM4.00

Another dish that wow-ed me would be their steam spare ribs. The taste of the ordinary spare ribs was heighten by just simply adding some taro (aka yam) and steam them together with the ribs. The subtle aroma of the taro successfully infused into the rib, leaving your taste buds with a pleasurable after taste. 
The Chicken feet was wonderfully flavoured with the red fermented bean curd ( aka namyu/ fuyu ), fermented soy bean and ketchup,  hence it explains the deep- red tinted dish. This dish has a distinctively thickened flavour and aroma and it has that indescribable taste which includes salty,sweet, earthy and smoky. 

Steamed golden bun RM3.80

Despite letting the bun to sit for more than 20mins, 
I was thankful that the inner part of the bun was still runny. The initial biting into the bun exploded with a yellowish salted egg custard, then the buttery aroma slowly clings onto the nasal , leaving you sinfully satisfied. 

Juicy Dumpling (xiao long bao) RM6

It's like a mini parcel skilfully creased, overlapping its adjacent skin to create a beautiful flower-like crinkle. 
The skin was thinly shaped yet durable enough to hold the essence of soup. Though it was not the best that I have ever tasted but overall taste and presentation was still acceptable. 

Steam Beancurd with Fishball (To fu Fish)-  RM4.50
Shrimp Dumpling (Har Gau) RM4.80

Their fish balls were exceptionally bouncy and fresh, some might like it some might not. On the other hand, I love their Har Gau very much. The owner claimed that he is very selective with his supplier, he ensures that the seafood that he uses in his restaurant are all free from chemical. He incorporate fish paste into their prawns to create the same texture as the shrimp that had already been pre-soaked in the boric acid (pang sha) and they still taste delicious. The only flaw that I wish they could improve on is their dim sum's skin as I found that it was slightly too thick . 
Stuffed Chicken Wing

Lotus leaf Rice.

The individual serving of Lotus leaf rice was very fragrant, it actually reminds me of the chinese dumplings that we will usually have during the Duan Wu Festive Season. With the same ingredient: salted egg yolk, peanuts, slab of fat meat and some herbs and spices, this is definitely a dish that will fill up the tummy in no time!

Gyi-tang serves dim sum in the morning and steamboat at night. It is air-conditioned and has a comfortable sitting environment, do drop by and visit if you are staying around that neighbourhood. 

Hong Kong Dim Sum
7.30am - 3.30pm
6.00pm - 12.00 am.

Gyi-Tang Hong Kong Dim Sum Steamboat @ Subang Taipan
No 48,  Jalan USJ 10/1B,
USJ 10, Subang Jaya
47610 , Selangor.

03 8081 6488

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  1. Oh my! Some dim sum look so interesting! I like how you compose your photos, close up but not to tight at the same time.
    Great photos as always! :D

  2. The lau sha bao looks awesome! with the filling oozing out, can't wait to have a bite on that! beautiful photos as always :)

  3. Ooo the steamed dim sum has nice translucent skin... like!

  4. Hi Eunice, do you write sponsored blog post on food review? =)
    If you're interested, kindly write to Thanks!


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