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Authentic Wood-Fire Italian Cuisine @Villa Danielli, Sheraton Imperial Hotel


Wood-fired oven is commonly known to be used for baking pizza but the culinary team at Villa Danieli proves that it can do much more than that! The Executive Sous Chef, Chef Kamaruddin Adnin and his team invite you to dine like a true Italian with authentic specialties cooked fresh from the wood-fired oven.

A wood-fired oven is typically heated only once during the firing stage, unlike modern household gas or electric oven that provides an almost constant temperature. After the coals are removed, the oven’s temperature gradually decreases over a period of hours or even days. The retained heat in the oven may be used to bake multiple batches of food. Alternatively, foods requiring different temperatures can be cooked in series as the temperature of the oven falls.

Chef Kamaruddin and his team believe in serving true Italian cuisine that leaves one comforted with its authentic rendition of the best of Italy. So, be pampered by wood-fired Italian delicacies made with the freshest ingredients that are sure to stimulate your appetite. You can create your own dish by firstly choosing your favourite meat (duck confit, salmon, lamb rack, beef cheek and lamb rib). Then, select three side dishes of your choice to go with it (sautéed mushrooms, roast potatoes, brocolini, asparagus, grilled vegetables, steak fries and mashed potatoes). Lastly, pick a sauce to complete your dish (rosemary lamb jus, chicken jus, saffron butter sauce, mustard jus and lobster bisque sauce), believe it or not all of these cooked fresh from the wood-fired oven! (YES, EVEN THEIR DESSERT!)

Cheesy Portabello Mushroom. RM32
Stuffed portabello mushroom with herbs and goat cheese. 

Extraordinarily juicy and succulent, the goat cheese is the bomb which packed an immense cheesy aroma. 
I think each element on the plate pairs very well together in terms of taste, texture, and colours.  

Baked Tagliatelle. RM 48
Red and yellow peppers, red onion, mushroom, herbs and Alfredo sauce

I love the generous amount of Alfredo sauce that covered the thick-flat tagliatelle. Each pasta strip was wonderfully coated with the creamy-yet-not-sickly-cheesy white sauce, which kept me digging in with my fork. I love crunch of the colourful peppers that was added into the dish too. Be warned, it is not that intensely cheesy-type of Carbonara sauce that you would expect it to be, but that's the thickness that I love. 

Salt-Crusted Whole Sea Bass. RM120

The Sea bass is served with steamed fennel and potato and lemon butter sauce. 
Not for the faint-hearted I would say. This is an incredibly huge sea bass which can easily fit 3-4 person with big appetite. The fish was literally fresh and flaky. It tasted sweet to me, except for the part where I accidentally shovel a huge chunk of rock salt together with the meat. It was minimally seasoned, hence it explains the purest seafood-flavor you could get. Drench more of the lemon butter sauce onto the sea bass and frolic in this sinful dish. 

Lamb Rib. RM118
Served with steak fries, Coca-cola BBQ sauce and brocolini

The slab of ribs was soft and tender,and it just slid off the bones without much effort. You can easily spot that each part of the venison was covered with the sweet coca-cola BBQ sauce, in other words, this is definitely one lip-smacking dish! The brocolini was something new to me, I would describe it as the slimmer version of the usual broccoli, it was lightly cooked and still retained the pleasant crunch with less possibility to get stuck in between your teeth. 

Chocolate Lava Cake. RM28
Served with Walnut Ice Cream . 

Pleasant as always , the molten chocolate lava cake which is served hot and paired with Walnut ice cream.
The star is definitely the Walnut ice cream that night. It wasn't some ordinary vanilla ice cream that you could get anywhere else. Chef had definitely did a great job by blending walnut into the vanilla ice cream to give an extra grainy texture besides the enchanting nuttiness. 

Priced at RM75++ per dish onwards, this Fresh from the Wood-fired Oven promotion is available for both lunch and dinner till 31 March 2014.

Meanwhile, Starwood SPG member can enjoy up to 50% exclusive discounts off total food bill.
 This promotion is valid till 31 March 2014.
Terms and conditions apply.

To make a reservation:
call :
03-27179900 or
e-mail : or

Villa Danieli @
Sheraton Imperial
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 KL

Business Hour:
Monday-Friday : 12pm-2.30pm,
Monday-Saturday : 6.30pm-10.30pm, 

(closed on Sundays and public holidays)

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  1. Oh my Portobello!!! *gasps* and I think I registered as Starwood SPG member a while ago. Hmm...
    Anyway! Great photos as always! <3

    1. though u cant see clearly of the portabello... but I can assure u it was superb!

  2. great shots... don't know how u do it, w/o a flash la, considering the lighting in there is so dim and yellow..

    1. thank u dear! <3 yr comments are lovely as always

  3. Lovely photos, would love to try the salt-crusted sea bass, must be real good :)

  4. I really liked the lamb ribs... yummy!

    1. Yeah... I drooled over my keypad when i look back my pics... ;P


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