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Yuu- Jo @ Kiara Designer Suites, Kuala Lumpur


While I am pretty much sure everyone loves Japanese food, but always found it to be on the expensive side. A simple meal for two can easily closed a bill of RM50, not to mention if you are staying in relatively high-cost living city. 
If you are staying around Mont Kiara area and have difficulties finding for a wallet-friendly Japanese Cuisine, now glad tidings! Yuu- Jo is here to the rescue. 
Yuu-Jo is a friendly neighborhood Japanese Fusion Restaurant situated at the same building of Kiara Designer Suite, it can be spotted easily from the main road. (Just beside 7-eleven) . 

Tori Nanban &Salmon Carpaccio

I I first thought that the fried chicken was overcooked by judging too quickly on its appearance, but then I was wrong. The crispy chicken was scrumptiously crunchy, yet succulent and goes very well with the cold Japanese Tartar sauce on the side. Lovely dish. 

The ideally sliced Salmon Carpaccio was served with Italian sauce dressing which has a very delicate flavor. I adored the dish much because I found that it was very well balanced with the citrus-y italian sauce. The thinly sliced radish and okra were also added to complement the colors of the vibrant orange-pink salmon.

 Salmon Plate

Thinly brushed with teriyaki sauce and lightly pan-fry fresh slab of salmon, embellished with some fragrant garlic, deep-fried udon noodle, and salad. The dish is ordinarily delicious, nothing to shout about. 
Neba Neba cold  udon

Such a colorful dish! I thought it was some kind of korean bibimbap (aka hot-stone rice) initially but when I  started to mix them together, then I realized it was a noodle dish. I took a step back as I continue to incorporate them because I thought it was .... kind-of-gross . 
However, that doesn't stop me from trying, I am always adventurous when it comes to food. 

Slimy, was the first thing that comes to my mind after I took a few strand of the udon. Oh I wouldn’t deny how much I love slurping the long and chewy udon. Apparently, all of the side dishes that are slimy were added together : okra, natto, semi-raw egg and Japanese yam ( the one in white) which was blended to get the foamy texture .
This is a love-it-or-hate it dish , there is no between’ okay-okay’ . . . For me, I kind of love it . Though it was weird at the first taste, but I gradually fell in love with it after my taste buds decipher what’s inside. 

Niku Curry Rice & 
Japanese Risotto 

On the other side, Asian being Asian, some of us couldn’t live without rice. The Niku Curry Rice is a comfort dish. A huge serving of Japanese short-grained rice thinly coated with rice vinegar; The serving is huge and is served with the Japanese Beef Curry, which I found that the curry was relatively sweet and not spicy at all. Mega appetizing . 

The Japanese Risotto , despite the name, does not seem to resemble any trait of the Italian Risotto (which is supposed to be wet and moist and wonderfully flavored). The risotto here resemble a relatively healthier version of Chinese fried rice. Little oil is used with loads of peas, ebiko, corn kernal and squid . Very light and fluffy Japanese sushi rice .
The rice has a tinge of sourness, which I assume they come from the rice vinegar. This is definitely for those who is very health conscious and who wants a substantial meal to fill up the hungry tummy.

Gyu Tataki

If you ask me, the fave dish of mine would be the Gyu tataki. A very brilliant dish I would say. The thinly sliced beef was infused with a subtle of smokey- charred flavor which really caught my attention and it was composed delicately with enoki mushrooms and shimeiji mushroom, and a finishing dash of shredded carrot and cucumber vivify the dish. I found lots of texture and flavors in this particular dish which explains why I love it so much. 

Seafood Tempura

The tempura prawns and squids were encased in a slight crisp shell, and I enjoyed much dipping them into the lovely light-salty shoyu to allow the crispy shell to soak up some of the sauce . Needless to elaborate, it was so good. Ichiban neh

Wasabi Beef

The beef was coated entirely with wasabi pungency , minus the heat . The wasabi gives you a twist in the tongue without being overpowering and the blushing center of the beef indicated that the beef was nicely done too. I love the fact that chef had garnished them with some finely chopped chives and thin and crisp garlic . You wouldn't believe how perfectly each of them complemented each other. Who cares about the garlic breath when everyone is so busy enjoying their meal? 

Yuu-jo is a Japanese Fusion restaurant in Malaysia which serve quality Japanese food with a twist of Italian flavor . Their food is definitely above average and their pricing are comparatively wallet-friendly , if you haven't try them out yet, you should, and soon!

Yuu-Jo @ Kiara Designer Suites

B1-B3, Kiara Designer Suites. 
No 18, Jalan Kiara 3, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur, 

Tel :
03 6206 5273

Business Hour:

11.30am - 3.15pm
6.00 pm - 10.00 pm

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  1. Great photos as always! (duh?)
    I wonder how much would they cost? :P

  2. Love your photos. Happy CNY to you and your family, Gong Hei Gong Hei!

  3. Mmmm the salmon carpaccio sure looks good! Gong Xi Fa Cai my dear :)

  4. So fast!! So happy to see you that day. We must meet up more after the holiday. Happy CNY!!

    1. Let's meet up....maybe at Dragon Tiger Gate =)

  5. Love your photographs of the lights and ropes.


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