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Celestial Court CNY Menu 2014 @Sheraton Imperial Hotel , KL.


Chinese New Year is the time where all family members get together. 
Take this opportunity to celebrate the year of the Horse with more good food at Celestial Court. 

In conjunction with the Year of the Horse, Executive Chinese Chef, Vincent Loo and his talented team have created specially-designed a la carte menus catered for this auspicious occasion.

Appaloosa Horse
Yee Sang with combination of sliced japanese maguro and Norwegian Salmon served with Traditional Plum Sauce.

 Celestial Court Duo Combination of :
特色双味虾 Two Preparations of Fresh Water Prawns
 鲑鱼籽芋茸带子 Scallop Yam Puff topped with Salmon Roe.

This is utterly the largest fresh water prawn that I have ever eaten in my entire life. The size of the prawn head easily measured the thickness of three of my fingers. Guess the size of the the prawns is equivalent to my palm, I kid you not. Fantastically prepared and deep-fried until fragrant, then lightly tossed with garlic and chili flakes. The prawns are super succulent and fleshy, getting your hands dirty when eating them is a must!

The scallop yam puff was like a darling morsel to me, they tasted so so good. Perfectly molded, deep-fried, crispy and 'yam-my'. What's more,a scallop was enveloped inside! Even their presentation won my heart. Simple and delightful. I felt so happy just by looking at them, credits to the fish roe. . . 

Braised Premium Treasures Soup with Dried Seafood ***

Next came the traditional , thick and delectable soup. With all the superior ingredients that you get in each spoonful, I don't see a reason why you wouldn't like it. 

Simmered Cod Fish with Enoki Mushroom and Wolf Berries in Superior Broth *** 

The cod was served with tantalizing broth which was infused with the sweetness of the mushroom. That aside, I think the goji berries somewhat made the entire dish looks more 'chinese' and for sure, psychologically, more ambrosial. 
Man, look at that glistening, one-and- a- half -inch thick slab of cod fish!
Let's continue to drool as this post proceed. 

Braised Abalone Treasures Pockets with Dried Scallop and Vegetables ***
A dish that reminds me of the inari sushi , where I will usually eat the sweet and tasty bean curd and leave the rice aside. The shredded scallops were mixed with diced abalone ,diced mushroom, carrots and stuffed into the 'pocket' made with bean curd, the beautiful colors that made up this particular dish had me delighted.  I really love the chinese name that is given to this dish, too. 

Braised Baby Abalone with Baked Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber and Sea Moss *** 

This is a pretty decent and lavish dish I suppose. All the dandy ingredients that is not uncommon to the Chinese.  The abalone is finely braised, not being too soft nor too hard and accompanied with the collagen-rich sea cucumber and fish maw. 
Nothing too complex about this dish but it's packed full with seafood flavors and textures. Thumbs up*

 Braised Rice with Roast Duck and Dried Scallop in Abalone Sauce

I loved the well-balanced, strong flavours of the roast duck , especially when it stir up my appetite by adding a dash of bonito flakes as a garnish. 
The abalone sauce blends in marvelously with the rice, adding a lovely sweet tone to it, though some of my foodie friends prefer the rice to be cooked slightly drier, I am totally fine with it. 

The dishes above are a mixture of the set menus and a la carte menu. The Wealth set menu is priced at RM2,188 nett, a few other selections of menus such as the Fortune set menu is priced at RM2,388++ and the Happiness set menu, priced at RM2,588++ .

The Chinese New Year ala carte and set menus are available from 6th January to 14th February 2014.
 Each 9-course menu is quoted for a table of 10 persons and inclusive of a complimentary bottle of wine and the a la carte dishes are priced from RM38++ onwards each. What’s more, each SPG member can enjoy 20% discount off total food bill for Chinese New Year promotions.

Celestial Court@ Sheraton Imperial Hotel 
Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel, 

Jalan Sultan Ismail, 
50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hour:
12.00 pm - 2.30 pm; 

Sunday and Public Holidays
10.00 am - 2.30 pm

Dinner (daily) 

6.30 pm - 10.30 pm.

Tel: 03 -2717 9988

GPS Coordinates: 3.158813, 101.700203

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  1. Ooooo the freshwater prawn looks delectable! And I also want the cod fish. Yum yum.

  2. Wow you've been having a lot of Chinese food lately :P I haven't eat my lou sang of the year yet. xD

  3. Where's my lou sang??? Lovin' the Braised Baby Abalone with Baked Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber and Sea Moss =)

  4. braised rice with roast duck sounds like a delicious recipe! comfort food :D

  5. the sea cucumber is so thick! drooling by just looking at it :*(

  6. 除夕夜!
    cant wait the day come! :)

  7. Everything always looks so pretty and fresh at this restaurant.

  8. This looks really fantastic!


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