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Nowhereman Coffee@ Bangsar , Jalan Telawi


Any avid coffee drinkers here? *waves*
Well, not to say I am a professional, but I certainly know what I like and dislike. 
There are too many cafes popping out around the Klang Valley area and I do not know whether is this a good thing. Thanks to Instagram ( @EuniceEunny ) , I've discovered a place that sells Cough Syrup Blend Coffee (yes, I repeat, cough syrup blend coffee).
Beans are from Bandung’s Tobing Estate and Columbia’s La Joyeria Santa Barbara , which have a citrus acidity, maple syrup and an orange peel finish. 

Mocha Vahlrona - The most outstanding mocha that I've tasted so far. Vahlrona is a French Chocolate and they are known for a higher grade luxury chocolate, so if you are in for something special, go for it.
It was utterly rich and not too sweet. It's an indulgence. 

Lemon tart was forgettable.
This café is a collaborative project with local fashion designers Joe Chia and Justin Chew, hence , take a look on the other side of the space :

Nowhereman Coffee opens in Bangsar for a limited time , which is only for six months ,so quickly drag yourself here before it's gone!

Read more at : TimeOutKL  OR Gumballmag

Nowhereman Coffee@ Bangsar
20-2 Jalan Telawi 3, 
Bangsar Baru, 
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hour:
Open daily 8am-9pm

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  1. Nice place but why is it only opens for 6 months???

    1. I am not too sure .. ahah!;P
      Maybe you can read the link that I've attached in this post?

  2. a coffee a day keep a doctor way~ XD

  3. I see Turkish piccolo and lemon tart! :D

    1. sharp eyes u have there.. ;p not bad la their mocha/chocolate drinks.. they use Vahlrona chocolate leh!
      Coffee taste great too!! ~.^

  4. Do they do hot chocolate here? ;)

    1. Yes dear, and they are using very high class french choco for their drink.. Must try lar! ^^

  5. The cafe looks nice, which of course under your presentation. :P
    But only opens for 6 months?

    1. ahhaha!! You always make me so happy , Cheryl! <3
      Yea, it's by Artisan Roast, not sure why do they open for such a short period of time but , do pay them a visit! ;D
      I would love to see you document this place in your blog too! hehe...

  6. I'm a coffee fan too! =)

    In fact, there are at least three coffeehouses within walking distance from my campus that I have been frequenting as of late until it's burning a hole in my wallet. >.< I take it that this is a new coffee place? =)

    1. where do you study? Taylors? ahaha.. Or maybe Inti? ;P
      that are the few places that I could think of that has a lot of cafes surrounding ..;P yes, Nowhereman is very new, maybe just less than a month.

  7. Officially opened on the 20th November, it mimics the pop-up retail culture overseas. As Joey told me, he intend to make this spot to promote local talents/products. After the 6 months, this might 'appear' at other places. In the meantime, wait for another great news; another AR will be opening soon (maybe next week)!


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