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Maison Francaise @ Jalan Kia Peng, KL


There are restaurants that I’ve had bookmarked for ages but somehow the timing has never quite worked out. I was so happy when Umei ,a foodie friend of mine invited me for lunch and this is the place that I have always wanted to visit - Maison Francaise.

We both arrived on time on that Sunday ,and we didn't really spent much time to decide on what to order since we are going for the Weekend Brunch Menu. I managed to take some photos around the place while waiting for our food to arrive. 

Gorgeous place don't you think so? 
This place looks clean and simple. The black-and-white-themed colour gives an inexplicable resplendence to the overall vibe.

The polite garcon brought us some breads( baguette, croissant and brioche )to graze on. I love both the brioche and croissant , but I especially enjoy the croissant more as they are remarkably light, crumbly and buttery. . . The brioche tasted marvelous when slathered a thick layer of butter and jam on it too! If I do not need to save some room for my main course I think I'd probably wallop all of them! 

If the breads did not successfully make you salivate I hope the following starters will. 

Creamy Pumpkin Soup arrived together with the Beef Carpaccio with lemon juice olive oil . The pumpkin soup was really yummy,I can literally tell that it was very lightly seasoned and the sweetness of the pumpkin was very well retained ; The beef carpaccio was thinly sliced ,drizzled with mayonnaise and lightly seasoned with black pepper. The garden salad beneath the beef tasted very appetizing, gherkin was added to jazz up the dish too.

Scrambled eggs with salmon
The scrambled egg was nicely done with a brilliant yellow color and I have no qualms about the salmon. Mei really enjoyed the silky smooth scrambled egg as she kept telling me how tasty it was while she shovels some into the mouth. I nodded and acknowledged her to be right. 

Seared tilapia fillet with saffron sauce
I just realized I forgot to take a shot of the neon color saffron sauce, my bad,next time I'll try not to forget alright? ;) For a dish so small, it sure does pack a punch in flavours while being really refreshing and light. The tilapia fillet was exceptionally fresh and nicely cook. The fish was moist and sweet, a squeeze of lemon together with the saffron sauce that is slight acidic added a balance to the overall flavor. The sauce was smooth and creamy, I found it somewhat complex and this is what makes the dish intriguing.

Grilled Ribeye steak with grain mustard

 Mei and I both opted for medium rare for our steaks. Juicy,
despite being a bit tough for me, the flavours were really nice as well. What allures me the most will be the pinkish color of the meat and the moment you drown them with the mustard sauce. My palate was able to detect bits of black pepper in the sauce, which burst into flavors together with the mustard grain. The perfectly blanched and sauteed long beans did eased me a little after wolfing down so much meats. 

Chesse platter &Dessert

Our brunch does not end there though. We had the cheese platter and dessert on the table next.
We thought it was so very well balanced with the fig puree giving the cheese a touch of sweetness, the walnut rounding the flavours with its nuttiness and the raisin simply made each mouthful even more delightful.

Although mei and I adore cheese, we couldn't 100% sure what kind of cheese were we having. What I do remember is that we had a cheddar, French brie and maybe Camembert? - all of which were fantastic. 

Mei told me this place used to be quiet on the usual days but that day was exceptional. It was exceptionally packed and crowded. I only manage to take some photos of the corner. 

Chef Franck Lamache - The guy that prepares all the menu in house. I can tell that chef is an approachable and friendly guy because I saw him wearing his smile everywhere he goes. He even smiled at me when he saw me stealthily taking pictures of him at the open kitchen. I guess this is no wonder why I felt so happy after having my brunch . Must be the secret ingredient that chef had put into all the dishes that he prepares - Joy and passion. 

Maison Francaise is a romantic, beautifully decorated restaurant that has friendly wait staff and fabulous food, 
Maison Francaise's Weekend Brunch is priced at
RM188+ (Alcohol) 
Red & White Wine (which include one glass of champagne)
RM148+ ( without Alcohol)
Soft drinks / Chilled juices

5 Jalan Changkat Kia Peng 
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

03 21441474

Monday to Sunday: 
11.00am - 11.30pm (last order)

High Tea only on Weekends only
Sat & Sunday :2pm -5pm.

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  1. the picture shared really looks professional, liked it, maybe one day i can take the same shot as your, btw i can't eat beef~ T.T

    1. Haha.. thanks for the compliment MrLonely! ;D
      You can of course take these picture yourself if you practice more! ^^

  2. Good photos despite the crazy crowd! And I especially like the pinkish beef meat! I bet you purposely cut it open then style it again for photo. :P

    1. Hahaha!! Cheryl!! You know me well huh? :P *happy*

  3. Oh! and it's always interesting to see how you describe the food, so detail as if I'm biting it too!

  4. Love Maison Francaise... such a pretty place and nice natural lighting to take gorgeous photos :)

    1. hehe.. maybe we should go there for their high tea next time?;P

  5. awesome photography .. let's do it again soon shall we? :) hehe

    1. <3 of course! I couldnt think of a reason to say no.. ;P

  6. I'm not too sure how those dishes fare but your photos surely made them look extraordinarily tempting!

    1. Haha... thank u Ken. Your words really boost up my confidence. Hope to see more of u appearing in my blog! ^^


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