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Feeka @ Jalan Mesui, KL

It's been a long time, but I finally managed to catch up with some old friends, the one that brought me into the blogging world, Bok & his girlfriend, Anna .They've been asking me to come out to eat for a while but I kept turning them down (so sorry kay) , because the timing/location hasn't been very good (terrible excuse i know, Sorry Bok & Anna :P ). 

So finally we set a right time, right place, right date where we aare all free and had a great breakfast and coffee over some silly talk. I was given the privilege to choose the venue ,so it has to be not-so-far from my place and easily accessible by public transport - Feeka is it. 

Flat White
Latte & Espresso

Parfait - Quinoa, watermelon cubed, honey, some dried berries and velvety smooth yogurt
Big Breakfast - two sunny side , sausage, toast, and a handful of sauteed mushroom (beneath the egg). 

Feeka Omelette - Ample of  sauteed mushroom with herbs, sweet tomato puree, and cheese. No doubt, a great way to eat omelette. 
  French Toast - fluffy toast lightly battered with egg and milk, cubed pineapple , and dollop of sour cream , not quite my fave because I dislike pineapple. 

Food was ordinarily delicious, but for the breakfast price range between  RM12- RM16 for the portion that you see above, I would say they are relatively pricey.

We weren't really satisfy after our breakfast, so we went Nowhereman Coffee to get ourselves another round of caffeine fixed. 

Feeka Coffee Roasters

19, Jalan Mesui, Kuala Lumpur

Business Hour:
8am - 12am daily. 


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  1. Woot! Am the first to comment!
    I actually passed by this place after dinner at Limablas the other day since they are all on the same street. It looks really nice during night and I wanted to try it out next time. But hmm...maybe I'll try out other cafes instead.
    Oh oh! pretty photos as always. :)

    1. thanks Cherly.. but my photos are too dark this time.. haha.. gonna invest on a flash! any recommendations?

  2. It is an easily accessible place to try out the Curtis Gold Cup Brewer. Try it, miraculously it provide such a short finish when compared to conventional drip methods.

    1. OH! thanks for the tips Derrick! Will try them out soon!;D

  3. I'll skip tis place then...I prefer heartier breakfast fare! =)

  4. How's their coffee? Heard that their coffee is not that good, referring to my coffee kaki friend;p

    1. Hahah.. To be frank , I have the same thoughts with your friends ;P

  5. Jalan Mesui is getting very interesting. I must go check this spot out soon.


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